Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gramscians: bellwethers no more

I used to be able to trust the Gramscians over at the Teachers College Record (TCR), the email rag from the Teachers College of Columbia University. Without fail, these committed socialists would overstep the boundaries of reason with their nonsense. Really, I had always thought that these folks had no sense whatsoever; that they would accept any bizarre theory at face value. Yet ...

The Olentangy School District has one-upped the Gramscians. Yes, the district has embraced the nonsense that is Rudy Payne. Read the
comments over at the TCR website to see that even the socialists question the philosophies of Payne; they think Payne is way out there ... way, way out there. But, not too far out for Olentangy administrators.

To think, the leaders of the Olentangy district are trying to forge a utopia which the socialists don't even believe is possible. Amazing ...

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