Saturday, December 22, 2007

Education v. Indoctrination

As I wrote in a previous post, there is no educational value to the Olentangy Liberty High School Spanish V immigration experience:
Is this learning? Pretending to be an Hispanic immigrant and then reflecting on your experience. Does that even make sense? Reflecting on your experience in a contrived situation is not learning, it's pure foolishness. This is Progressive education, where the feelings of the student count more than any real-life experience.
OK, the point is not education; that has been well established. So, what is the point?

The point of the activity is, in the teacher's words, all about empathy. Certainly, this is not a new situation, as such empathy instruction has been going on for years, and is now gaining momentum. My favorite example comes from my own children's experience in public schools prior to our homeschooling them:

My elementary son brings home a paper on which he received a "B" for not expressing the prescribed emotions for a character in a story. The question to be answered was this: How would you feel if you were in the character's position? The teacher wrote a note to my son stating that the writing was good but my son wouldn't have felt the way detailed in his paper. The teacher was saying that emotions trump skills, and that teacher and school dictate emotions.
I bring that up for a reason. The students in the Spanish class dare not express anything other than the prescribed range of emotions. In other words, the teacher dictates the emotional outcome. Based on internet posts from students in the class, it is obvious that she has forced her belief system on her captive audience -- the students. If this isn't indoctrination, then what is?

So, year after year, empathy is one of the more insidious products of public schools; we are talking political empathy of course. Keep in mind that throughout this nation, public schools are telling children how to feel and how to vote. They are encouraging activism in areas that the Left considers worthy of empathy. Is that how we want our children raised? By the state to worship the state and all its supposed empathetic programs?

And we wonder why America is changing; why our values have given way to state-mandated empathy. Yet, it is us who allows the state and its minions (teachers, principals, administrators, etc.) to raise our children. And then we wonder why our children hold their values and not ours.

It's never enough to teach the Three R's. No, public education wants to form its New Soviet Man in its very own image. They are doing it. And, sadly, we are paying them to do it.

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