Friday, December 28, 2007

A TCRecord Reissue

Ah, yes, the TCRecord from the Teachers College of Columbia University -- the fount of Gramscian socialism and guiding light of public education. Seriously, where else can you find such nonsense reissued for "its continued relevance to educators today."

Social Frontier Volume 2 Number 9, 1936, p. 295-295 (paid subscription)

SPECIALISTS on municipal government in the United States generally recognize that the two best-managed American cities are Cincinnati and Milwaukee. In this long-awaited volume, Mayor Daniel Webster Hoan, the patriotic orphan lad who has been the official Socialist head of the Wisconsin metropolis since 1916, presents his interpretation of this political miracle.
After that introduction and examples of Milwaukee workers paradise, we get this nugget:
It would not be fair to attribute the high level of governmental competence which Milwaukee displays exclusively to the strong Socialist movement in that area, for it seems that its very presence has had a positive and beneficial effect upon the civic sense and cultural impulses of the more conservative groups as well. Neither should it be assumed that the city is already a collectivist paradise because it has rarely happened that Hoan has carried a clear majority of Socialist councilmen into power with him. But the total situation strongly suggests that capitalism at its unrestricted best can hardly do as well as gradualist "gutter" socialism at its worst.
Finally, the summation that still rings true for public education some 70 years later:
Dare a mere politician reveal more social vision than the nation's teachers who are the trustees of the Great Investment?
The Gramscians have nothing to fear as public educators remain true to their socialist roots. That is true whether the district is located on a coast or in the heart of the Midwest: Delaware County, Ohio.

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