Thursday, December 20, 2007

Veterans Hospitals

The following message comes from Pat Tiberi, our DC representative.

As you read it ask yourself this question: Should veterans receive free medical care for life for issues that have nothing to do with their service? I say no. Tiberi says otherwise. But, he is trolling for votes.

This is not an issue of helping injured service men and women. This is an issue of free medical care decades after their service ended. It's a gimme from Tiberi to likely voters. It's buying votes.

Sorry Tiberi. As a Republican, you should know that it's better to keep government small and dollars in wallets, far from the reach of the taxman.

What I love about these boondoggles is that Tiberi will be at the new hospital anytime the media is there; nothing like a free photo-op. Even better is that Tiberi takes credit for spending our tax money.

What a wonderful guy. And, I bet he thinks that he truly is wonderful. But he forgets that we work, not him. He lives off of our labor, and then spends 40% of our income on vote-getting projects. Yes, a wonderful guy.

Tiberi, you should know better. Time to dust off that faded, dusty document that used to be our Constitution.

Dear Friend,

Like many other Central Ohioans, I enjoy the opportunity to spend time with family over the holidays. However, since my time in the district has been so limited this year, I am making special effort while I am home to stay in touch with constituents. I recently had the opportunity to visit several high schools, tour some of Central Ohio's finest businesses and factories, and meet with folks in my district office and out in the district. I also had a chance to tour the new Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facility that is currently under construction at the Defense Supply Center in Columbus (DSCC) on James Road.

I have been an advocate of expanding veterans’ health facilities for many years. My colleagues, David Hobson and Deborah Pryce, and I worked to obtain $94 million in funding for the new VA facility at DSCC. I attended the groundbreaking of the new facility in the fall of 2005 and have been back several times since, but my latest visit really impressed me. I was very excited by the progress being made. A facility of this size takes time to build, however, the clinic has reached the stage where the outside walls are finished, the dry wall is up and the mechanicals are in place. Workers are underway with the finishing touches in anticipation of the installation of all the new equipment. It is now very easy to see how impressive the finished product will be.

Central Ohio veterans will feel the impact of the expanded services and treatment right away. The new clinic will be three times the size of the current building and capable of specialty services such as orthopedics, pulmonary care, cardiology, dialysis, etc. Additionally, new ambulatory surgery services will be added, and several VA operations that are currently scattered around Central Ohio will be co-located to create a one-stop-shop for veterans’ services.

When the new Ambulatory Surgical Center is complete, these new and expanded services will reduce waiting times and the need for veterans to travel long distances for treatment. Patient parking will be expanded and, since it is on the grounds of the Defense Supply Center, safe.

We have needed this new clinic for a very long time and I am proud to have played a part in making it a reality. The building is on schedule for completion in the summer of 2008, only several months from now. I can hardly wait to do a final tour when it is finished. Our veterans have earned the right to receive quality health care for their service. This new facility will help ensure they receive it.

Pat Tiberi Member of Congress Ohio's 12th District

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