Friday, December 14, 2007

The end of science? Not quite.

The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation (TBF) joins the over-the-top canaries with another rendition of the song heralding the end of science, society, and western culture. The reason for these dire predictions? Creationism.
You see, many like to attribute horrific claims to any belief in Creationism. Why? Some ├╝ber faith in science and the scientific method? No. They simply do not want anyone to accept Creationism as science history. And, they will say anything to convince policymakers that Creationism must never be taught, let alone believed.

Here is my response to the TBF article
Who will be the fittest from this week's TBF Gadfly:

Dear Gadfly:

A little heavy on the rhetoric.

Other than some fellow pundits and talking heads, can you name anyone in your personal life whose livelihood is dependent on a firm understanding of evolution? I can't. Nor can I remember 95% of what I learned -- not even considering what was taught -- in high school science classes. And, get this, I am no worse off.

Evolution is a minor topic in science, let alone in a standard high school curriculum.

Your situation has not suffered due to my belief in Creationism. So, back off the over-the-top rhetoric. If you want to fight current and future ills, push for a firm understanding of free market economics, property rights, and state and local sovereignty. Of course, you would have to change and broaden the philosophy of TBF in order to lead this charge. But, a little education and growth never hurt anyone.

Jim Fedako

Public education is inherently political. So, one should not be shocked when rhetoric and influence rule the day.

To my Christian brothers and sisters: Do not think for a moment that you can turn government schools into Christian schools. It will never happen. And, do not think you can turn a godless government into a Christian government. The best you can pray for is a Ron Paul administration that pulls government out of our lives, our churches, and our children's minds.

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