Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Erica Vieyra and the Olentangy administration

Keep in mind that Erica Vieyra only came up with the immigration activity. It was the district administrators who championed her nonsense, as they consider this classroom activity to be wonderful, so much so that they designated it their top news item.

According to the administration, Vieyra's classroom activity is not a mistake that needs correction. No, her activity is one of the best that the district has to offer. A clap on the back and a hearty well done.

Vieyra is off, no doubt, but it is the administrators who really have screws loose. They have been advocating this stuff for years, and now they have a superintendent who agrees.

Over the summer I wondered what nonsense would come out of the district; now we know. But, once again, please note that this is the stuff made public by the district, one can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors -- the hush, hush, make this go away stuff.

Let me leave you with some profound nonsense from the fountainhead of the public school agenda (the pedagogies, ideologies, etc.), the Teachers College Record from the Teachers College of Columbia University.

You will read the article summary from today's TCRecord This Week -- the email update from the Teachers College Record -- below and think, "What in the world is this?" Olentangy administrators will read the same and think, "Hey, great ideas. Let's adopt and implement." You will then know why the administration thinks that Vieyra is onto something.

Folks, whether you send your kids to district schools or not, you pay for this nonsense. And, when you advocate for the schools, you also advocate for this. They -- the district and the nonsense -- are now inseparable.

At the Interstices: Engaging Postcolonial and Feminist Perspectives for a Multicultural Education Pedagogy in the South

by Nina Asher — 2005

This article argues for a decolonizing multicultural education pedagogy, which engages the interstices - in-between, hybrid spaces - that emerge at the intersections of different cultures, histories, and locations. It also examines how those who work for social transformation are implicated in the very systems and structures they are attempting to deconstruct. The author draws on postcolonial and feminist theories, her own border crossings, and her reflections on her multicultural education pedagogy to discuss how she engages the particular interstitial identifications of her Southern students. A critical analysis of White students' autobiographies reveals the complex ways in which issues of race and racial difference intersect with their lives. Implications in terms of rethinking multiculturalism as relevant to all - White students and those of color - are discussed.


Anonymous said...

for those against my teacher and our recent project... how did this directly effect you? that's right... it didn't. i just want you all to know that my principal, administration, and the superintendent are all in support of my teacher, along with all of the olentangy parents who helped their children with this project.

if you want the future leaders of your country to be an uneducated, non diverse group, you wont get that from olentangy, because we are better than that. We actually LEARN and are exposed to the multi cultural world which you all are opposed to.

So thanks for your opinions but seriously... we dont care.

OLHS Student said...

Is that why Olentangy Liberty High is academically one of the best schools in the country?
You have no idea what you're talking about.

Matthew said...

Alright, if there is one thing politics shows us, it is that extremist and absolutist views are not effective at all. I agree that perhaps the teaching method here was more than a bit unorthodox, and I can see where a problem with legality comes into play, especially dealing with students. However, these are real issues that are going on regardless of what stance we take. To be realistic for a moment, there is very little possibility in a handful of high school senior U.S. citizens breaking any immigration law. It is important for these kids to be taught all sides of the issues they are going to face as adults. I believe that all that the teacher taught to the students was a good learning experience, even if it bothers some people. Students, especially seniors, are not blank slates to be molded. They have the knowledge and capacity to form their own opinions, and can benefit from any little bit of insight that they can get. All that the Olentangy School District has done is give these students a different perspective on an enormously controversial issue, and i believe that is definitely something to admire and not to denounce.

Jim Fedako said...

10:34 -- You are the voice of the indoctrinated. Thanks for proving my point.

1:44 -- Take a look at the Ohio Board of Regents web site. It is fair to state that you -- the average Olentangy student -- have a 1 out of 3 chance to end up in a remedial class. Doesn't say much about Liberty. Doesn't say much about public education in general.

By the way, see if you can find Liberty or OHS on the US News and World Report's list of 1000 top high schools.

Matthew -- Did you miss the point? It's a SPANISH class, not political science. And, indoctrinating is not the same as providing a point/counterpoint debate. Finally, does each teacher get to spend my tax dollars teaching empathy -- what I call indonctrination?

To all three -- Hey, advocate for this nonsense on your own dime. Don't force me to fund it. Have some empathy for the taxpayer.

That's all I ask.

OHS Grad said...

Mr. Medako,

As a long ago graduate of the Olentangy School district and father of a recent OLHS graduate I applaud you as a former member of the Olentangy Board of Education for speaking up on behalf of the conservatives in this school district and stopping this type of terrible lesson that Ms. Erica Vieyra instituted during your years on the Board.

Oh, that's right. You didn't speak up on this while on the Board. You were involved as a Board member when this lesson was developed and you helped steer the path that the district and this class now navigates. All while choosing to home school your own children while serving as a member of the Board of Education. You may be the biggest hypocrite in the history of the Olentangy School District. It is people like you who make me ashamed to admit I am a graduate of Olentangy.

By the way, my daughter took this class and she just finished a 4.0 semester at a University that is found in the among the TOP 100 in the US News and World Report rankings. She also is a Spanish major thanks to Erica. Hopefully, Ms. Vieyra will help many more Liberty students become open minded un-biased free thinking Americans who can think for themselves without having to look for guidance from folks like you.

Jim Fedako said...

OHS Grad:

Typical socialist, wants me to fund his or her utopia.

Can't you people do it on your own dime? No, wait, that's not fun. Better to shove your nonsense down everyone's throat ... and make them pay for it. Now were talking fun ... that's the village you all dream of ...

By the way, I take this quote from Frank Chodorov to heart: "anyone who calls me a conservative gets a punch in the nose."

OHS Grad said...


I didn't ask you to fund anything. In fact, I just asked you to accept the blame for allowing this Spanish class program to occur while you were on duty. YOU had the chance to stop it. Now that you are off the Board, you have some nerve to criticize those on the current Board for allowing this class activity.

But perhaps you were too busy sticking your nose up Ron Paul's rear end to deal with real issues occurring in the School District you took an oath to serve.

Since you are obviously big into quotes and appear to be well read on conservative issues, here is one I like. “I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.”
William F. Buckley, Jr.

Jim Fedako said...

OHS Grad:

Are you really as dull as you appear? Haven't you realized that my coerced taxes support your beloved public schools?

I have already apologized in the newspapers for serving while this nonsense was taking root (read my articles on and, as well as posting on this blog while I was still serving on the board for more mea cuplas).

My only defense is that it was under cover (other than one Liberty MS issue) until the new superintendent came on board -- which may just be coincidence, but then again ...

This new issue came to the public through his office and communications department. So, I have to assume that he is supportive of what is going on in the schools.

By the way, I would have been a hypocrite if I HAD sent my children to the district while complaining about's its performance and nonsense (Try taking Logic 101).

What's interesting is that you are angry, but it's my money. Strange. Will another 9 mills in March satisfy you and the beast? Or, do you have to bleed me dry?

OHS Grad said...


Are you really as ignorant as you appear in print? That would be impossible!Your "mea culpas" may be your reason for serving on the Board but unfortunately your service was our "pathos".

I understand your apparent frustration over being able to pay your taxes. I will gladly take up a collection among my friends so you can pay your taxes right after you get a copy of the Newsweek Best High Schools report showing that in 2007 Olentangy Liberty is ranked #343 among the nation's top 1000 high schools. Most colleges now use the Newsweek rankings as the best indicator of a high schools performance level.

I can assure you that I have not accepted any of your apologies for your failure to act while serving and being paid as a member of the Board. I can also assure you I never once voted for you because I could see from the beginning you were always in it for yourself. You didn't care about anyone's children in this district other than your own.

You talk about indoctrination! I am not the one who is sequestering my children at home and preaching my own personal doctrine to them. I value diversity. I will be satisfied when folks like you in the Olentangy school district stay out of the teacher's way and let them do their professional jobs.

Book banning, attacks on certain class activities, and other nonsensical issues you have preached are getting a little boring. Talk about being dull.

Working to Pry Open Closed Minds said...

Mr. Fedako-
Here's a challenge for you. Before you continue your crusade against this class, I dare you to take it. Pry open your mind, if you can, and take the class. Then, and only then, can you legitimately speak about it.

Jim Fedako said...

Working ...

Isn't this getting tiresome?

I don't care what you do at your own expense. I simply do not want to be forced to pay for it.

Just as you would not want to be forced to pay for that which I consider an essential education.

Why is this such a hard concept for you to understand? What haven't you learned during your x years in school?

Maybe, just maybe, you can open your mind to the fact that others are disgusted when their coerced tax dollars are used to fund that which they abhore.

Simply solution: You fund this with your own money and it's a nonissue for me.

Like I've been saying: it's my money yet you are angry? Does that make sense to you?

Give it some thought.

Jim Fedako said...

OHS Grad:

How about looking for Liberty on the USNews list of top 1000 high schools? You won't find it there.

Keep in mind that the Newsweek list employs a very simplistic method to generate its list -- not that simplistic equals invalid in all circumstances.

The USNews list is generated using a more robust model created by SchoolMatters -- a subsidiary of Standard and Poor's. A little more weight here don't you think.

Either way, let the Ohio Board of Regents make the final call. Go see the district's historic remediation rate; pretty pathetic.

To your other point: I accept full responsiblility for raising my children. I pay for their education. I do not force either you or my neighbors to pay. Nor, do I vote to force elderly widows, etc., to pay for raising my children. Do you see any difference between us?

Your implied ability to pay is really a bluster as you only agree to pay a small percentage of the inflated district cost of education. The rest is voted on the backs of others.

Regardless, I have a copy of Newsweek, so pay my tax bill. I'll then stay out of the teacher's way.

ohs grad said...


US News and World Report is not the answer. Over 150 colleges this year refused to take part in their evaluations because of the flawed methodology they use. It provides slanted and inaccurate data.

How about instead of using the Ohio Board of Regents Data which is as flawed as the US News and World Report data, we use the results of the SAT and ACT tests of our college bound seniors.

I appreciate the fact you have chosen to raise your kids in the manner you have selected. I don't believe I have ever once suggested the material you covered was inappropriate. Why don't you allow my children the same luxury.The fact you pay real estate taxes for schools, fire, police, etc. is admirable. You have aschool system for your children. Remember, YOU chose to remove them. No one asked you to leave.

If you truly do not like our method of funding schools, then move!Your anger is disturbing to us!Oh, by the way. My mother was one of those widows you talk about. She voted in support of every levy.Coming from the hills of Appalachia she admired and respected the Olentangy schools right up until the day she died.

Please don't attempt to speak for her.

Jim Fedako said...

OHS Grad:

Enough already! You have to be a moron, and you are making me into a fool.

In my role as a fool, I will repeat myself once again: You can teach your children anything you desire, just don't force me to pay for it.

Get it now?

It's called Liberty, a founding concept of this country. At least until the collectivist such as yourself decided to force everyone to pay for everything.

So, have the schools teach the Three R's and you form a cooperative to teach any fancy you desire.

But, that's not what you want. You want me to fund your fancies and also keep quite.

Even you have to agree that that is a childish expectation (I'm putting faith in you here, don't prove me wrong).

You may believe in Newsweek, but they have their critics also. And, when the district high schools fall in rank due to a different mix of seniors to test takers, don't turn around and cry that Newsweek was flawed also.

Still waiting on your offer to pay my taxes, Daddy Bigbucks!

Jim Fedako said...

OHS Grad:

Two final points and then your fifteen minutes of fame is done on this blog ...

1. You keep asking me to pay for your children. Time to grow up and take responsibility. Be a man!

2. My grandmother would use a broom to chase government workers off her property in the coal regions of Eastern PA. Of course, that was before the War on Poverty. Now, life in the hills has been destroyed. Your leftist utopia laid waste to the whole area. See what redistributive taxation can do?

I am now done with you ...

DEL-CO Customer said...

Judge not, that you be not judged —Matthew 7:1

You stated, "Vieyra is off, no doubt, but it is the administrators who really have screws loose. They have been advocating this stuff for years, and now they have a superintendent who agrees."

Are you a bigot Mr. Fedako? Do you hate all religious sects or just Mormons?

Is it not true that you served six and a half years on the school Board and approved the curriculum of this school district as well as many of the hirings? How convenient that you now wish to criticize those in authority. While you were a part of the governing board, you sat on your hands and had a mysterious case of foot in mouth disease.

You can place your head in the sand all you want but the real truth here is you are a poser.

Jim Fedako said...

Del-Co Customer has a very interesting post. Let's review ...

DCC quotes the Bible: Judge not, that you be not judged —Matthew 7:1, and then goes on to judge.

Hypocritical? Possibly. But I think it is a reflection of the understanding that Christians are to judge good from evil. To live otherwise is to accept the world and its lukewarm mush -- relativism.

I truly don't understand the bigotry remark. Here is judging and condemnation without any proof. Also, keep in mind that DCC never reveals who he or she is, yet DCC has no problem making false accusations. Hmmm.

Finally, the board approves the curriculum. In Olentangy, that is the Maps. The class was Spanish and activities around empathy toward illegal immigration is not part of the curriculum I ever approved (it's not on the Maps). Nor is it part of the curriculum that any community committee reviewed, or was approved by any board.

This is not the approved curriculum, this is what is called the hidden curriculum; the personal curriculum that gets taught in place of the actual curriculum. In other word, it's indoctrination.

But, haven't I been saying that all along?

If this stuff is your idea of fun, do it on your own dime and I will post nothing about it here. Simple solution for what has become a major issue.