Sunday, September 07, 2008

Marxism: Alive and well at Olentangy Local School District

There were 172,000 English language books published in the US in 2006, well over 1 million since 1995. I note this since the Olentangy Local School District recently added A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne to "the literature that forms the research base" of the district's Continuous Improvement Plan. Out of the universe of books, Olentangy knowingly adopts one that continues the theories of Karl Marx.

Shocked? Not at all.

To think, I thought that Karl Marx's class theory1 was no longer considered valid by the mainstream -- an outdated and dangerous relic of the past. Yet such nonsense is being adopted as research by the
Brain Trust that lives off of district property tax dollars. It would appear that the district is no longer mainstream, as it slowly slides toward a socialist resting spot.

To quote from Payne (NY Times article):

Your class, Payne says, determines everything: your eating habits, your speech patterns, your family relations. It is possible to move out of the class you were born into, either up or down, she says, but the transition almost always means a great disruption to your sense of self. And you can ascend the class ladder only if you are willing to sacrifice many of your relationships and most of your values — and only if you first devote yourself to careful study of the hidden rules of the class you hope to enter.
So class theory survives, and our lives are determined by our class.2 Hold on ... now we get to add Marx's theory of Materialism: Dialectical Determinism. Wonderful. Add in the Labor Theory of Value, Exploitation Theory, et al., and we will get to see The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital played out before our eyes.

To district families struggling financially: Don't allow this nonsense to chain your child to the administration's concept of class ideology. Do not let the district base its "research" on false teachings that drove the world to madness.

To district taxpayers: Do you really want to fund this nonsense?

To district administrators and fellow travelers: Advocate world revolution on your own time. Each student comes from a unique situation, unbound by any class ideology. Time to dip your collective heads in a bucket of cold water, shake off the nonsense, and attend to reality.


1. Can someone define class as used by Payne and Marx? Marx never could.
2. I taught impoverished students in South Texas and Jamaica. The hardest thing for them to escape was the psycho-babble coming from those intent on hurting ... er, helping them.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. So we must understand the mythical poverty-class dynamic in order to teach kids to read, write and compute well? Sounds like just another "educator" driven, social engineering curricula framework to accommodate the lowest-achieving denominator.

Instead of "understanding" poverty (really--what is there to understand?) in order to accommodate, protect and institutionalize sub par academic performance--why don't our curricula braintrust devise methods and incentives for underperforming poverty-level students to understand achievement?

Anonymous said...

I am at a loss. Do the people who decide this have a guilt complex? Is their affluence to blame for this? Why are parents putting up with it?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't imagine research in politics or economics that doesn't cover Marx. As your continued harping suggests, Marx, whether you agree with him or not, has had a major influence on the past hundred years.

But then if one's goal is to only teach children what YOU believe is right and indoctrinate them in YOUR beliefs, then I can see why having a research book of this type would be troubling.

Jim Fedako said...

2:13 --

Let's face it, education is nothing other than indoctrination. So it's either the parent or the Marxists via the educationists. I vote for the parent.

The book is not a survey of political thought, it is the embraced ideology of the school administration.

Of course, you are entitled to your opinion. Just don't expect me to want to fund your version of indoctrination -- I don't ask you to fund mine.

5:16 --

You ask why parents put up with this nonsense. 2:13 is your answer. Though, 2:13 is likely an educator or a professor of education. No other group agressively advocates this stuff.

Anonymous said...

We who have done our homework know that the Marxists from the Frankfurt School took over "education" in America a long time ago. They were Marxists and they trained all the Marxists that we are dealing with today. They have transformed every subject into indoctrination into Marxism. Getting your kids out of the brain laundries is the only solution.
The indoctrination is so complete by now that the masses can't be reasoned with.

Anonymous said...

I'm neither an educator or a professor although I have studied a wide variety of subjects all my life including economy and political theory.

I love your statement, "it is the embraced ideology of the school administration." Isn't that just a bit melodramatic? I mean, the administration has adopted an ideology for poverty? The same administration that you continually ridicule as incompetent. You're giving them way too much credit.

As for the rest, please get your kids out of the "brain laundries" it will help with our overcrowding.

Anonymous said...

Tragically, those of us who don't have our children in the brain laundries have to suffer by the actions of those who are in them. Those are the ones who pass all the taxes and laws that impoverish and take away our rights and freedoms. If only we had our own State that operated under the Constitution and Bill of Rights and not under Socialism/Marxism.

Jim Fedako said...

4:47 --

"I mean, the administration has adopted an ideology for poverty?"

Adopted an ideology? Of course they did. The administration and board adopted it and embraced it. No melodrama here.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with what goes on inside the district. As a former board member, I can say for certain that Olentangy is California 3 years later -- that which hits CA will be in Olentangy schools in three yeras.

Either you agree with the agenda or you are blind to it -- whether on purpose or by accident.

How about this? Quit forcing me to fund this nonsense. Fair enough?

Anonymous said...

Didn't the District's rating on "disadvantaged" (read "poor") kids go down in 07-08? Just another example of wasteful spending.

When will these morons come to the realization that "professional development" is just a waste of taxpayer dollars? Teach to the curriculum, that that so difficult?

Jim Fedako said...

10:19 --

There are many different curriculums.

There is the adopted curriculum -- a curriculum written in very general terms so that just about any classroom activity can be justified.

There is the supported curriculum, the curriculum that is contained in the purchased textbooks, media, etc.

And there is the hidden curriculum -- the agenda of many public educators. This curriculum is the de facto curriculum in those classrooms.

When challenged, the teacher simply points to a few elements from the board-approved curriculum for justification.

It's just a game.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the curriculum. When our daughter was finishing the third grade at her affluent, suburban, government school (east of Columbus and west of Whitehall) we were asked to permit her to be tested for "giftedness". Foolishly, we did. Having proclaimed her "gifted" they then asked that she be allowed to be in their "gifted" class which they told us was for academic enrichment. We did not know much then but I knew enough to ask if Values Clarification was involved. The teacher assured me it was not. So she spent the next five years in the gifted class. We were pretty much in the dark about the whole thing until she was nearly out of high school. It was then that information came to me that cleared up my confusion. I asked to see the books that had been used in the class. I was astonished by what I saw. Then I asked to see the Teacher's Manuals that went with them. The fight began. It took several appearances at board meetings before they would allow me to see them. One of the specialized books used on the kids was titled PHILOSOPHY FOR CHILDREN but the Teacher's Manual for the book was titled VALUES FOR CHILDREN. Yes, the purpose of the text books was/is for clarifying the values of the children. The syllabus for the "gifted" class included a list of some of the most notorious sociologist-change agents known. Four years after our daughter was out of the class I asked her to tell me what happened in the class and I will never forgive how those school employees used, and still use, such a program to change the values and beliefs of children.

Anonymous said...

Wow, for five years you had no idea what books your daughter used? Were you around? That seems unbelievable to me but I'm active with my children's education.

As to not wanting to pay or wanting to live in your own state, I'll hold the door open on your way out. Believe me, the Olentangy community won't miss you.

Jim Fedako said...

8:50 --

That's the point. You want you children and other's children to be exposed to nonsense. Sad. I will assume that you want children exposed to R-rated movies and explicit books. Amazing.

As far as leaving and being done with any public school system ... You folks also demand my state and federal tax dollars. Other than envy and perversity, what else do you porpose that we hand to the next generation?

Anonymous said...

8:50 You really are perverse. You willfully ignore everyone's points. You ignore the fact that a parent specifically asked about a specific commonly-used, known and nefarious activity by teachers and was lied to by the teachers and you try to place the blame on the parent. Who would you like to blame for the parent having to fight for weeks to get the teacher to show her the text books? Who is to blame for not making the books available? Who is to blame when the parent asked the teacher why she did certain New Agey and/or unethical things in the classroom (as reported by the child) and the teacher denied doing any such things?

Anonymous said...

Since you have been on a school board you can tell me how a school teacher's retirement is calculated. I was told they can retire after 30 years and receive 70% of their salary of their last three years, averaged I suppose. Is that also true of administrators? Do administrators also receive perks such as cars, clothing allowances, club dues, etc.?

Jim Fedako said...

11:23 --

They get 2.2% per year up to year 34. They get 85% after 34 years.

So one with 30 years would get 66%.

In Olentangy, there are teachers, gym teachers, counselors, etc. who will retire at 56 on $85,000 per year. Tough life.

Anonymous said...

Correction: there is teacher retirement; there is administrator retirement; then there is Scott Davis retirement: retire after 2 years at 150% of total COMPENSATION--not just salary.

Jim Fedako said...

I stand corrected. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My child was tested and put in the "gifted" class in fifth grade in Olentangy schools. He was reading a book for class and started crying. Concered with his reaction, I rushed to ask what the problem was. He told me the book was so sad. I then took the book from him and read it. Bottom line. 112 page book, 23 pages with profanity and one of the top ten most "challenged books" in the USA.The story line was this-alcoholic mother with mentally challenged son gets kid taken away. Great story for a fifth grade kid, don't you think? Well the teacher told me it had won awards, and that the "gifted kids" had lots of these to read. I did not return the book,stopped supporting the "book fairs"(this is what they buy) and began to monitor everything after that. So... here is your warning Olentangy parents/all parents. Start reading now what your kids are assinged. And get yourself a copy of the book "From Crayons To Condoms". This is what your distric has in store for Your child.

Anonymous said...

When I first realized that there was an evil agenda with so-called gifted classes, one of the first exposes I read was titled EDUCATING FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER by B.K. Eakman. It is the story of Anita Hoge (from PA.) and her battle with the Edu-rats in PA after she figured out what they were trying to do to her children. PA was one of the key States in the scheme to restructure "education" in this country. East Stroudsburg, PA. is the town in which young school girls were forced to have pelvic exams at school without their parents' knowledge or permission. School employees blocked the doors when children tried to get out of the situation. Mortimer Adler is one of the infamous ones. There are several authors who got me up to speed on this use of government schools to indoctrinate children and use government schools to destroy our Republic. Erica Carle, Berit Kjos, Charlotte Iserbyt,Lynn Stuter, Dean Gotcher, Sam Blumenfeld, and John Taylor Gatto are some authors to start with for anyone who wants the proof for what they suspect is going on. There won't be many who want the truth though. Cognitive Dissonance makes the majority uninterested.

Anonymous said...

My son is enrolled in the Olentangy school system. He is in 3rd grade. He is in enrichment programs, but I do his homework with him every night. I have not seen anything out of the ordinary, except for the fact that my son says he feels poor because he is one of the only kids in his class that does not have his own cell phone. That is the only problem I currently have with the district. We are not poor, we actually are doing pretty well for ourselves, but we are surrounded by those doing EXTREMELY well for themselves. As for the curriculum, they encourage reading and my son gets to pick most of the books he reads. I have yet to see something being pushed on him, except the normal stuff that was pushed on me when I was a child. The same do-good stories with a lesson in them. They just finished the City of Embers in class. The teacher was reading it to them. I personally like the idea of the book. Children coming together against adults who are "stuck in their ways." This is a generalization, but I like that the kids do what they feel is right, despite being told they are wrong. I want him to make decisions based on what he feels is right, not someone else's beliefs or teachings. He needs to have all the facts to make an educated decision for what is right for him, not what anyone else tells him to do. Children are not things to be molded, but people to be unfolded. Sounds to me like some of these parents either want uneducated kids or don't spend enough time balancing their children out from what they learn and what real life is about. Despite your best efforts, kids grow up and learn from their own life experiences, no matter what you stuff their heads with.

Anonymous said...

"That's the point. You want your children and other's children to be exposed to nonsense. Sad. I will assume that you want children exposed to R-rated movies and explicit books. Amazing."

I am sorry, but life is going to happen whether we try to shield our children or not. How much better is it to talk to and teach them to make their own decisions rather than to pretend these things in life don't exist. I'm not saying make your children watch videos of the victims jumping out of the burning towers, but these things happened. Trying to cover it up and ignore how much crap is in this world is pointless. Let them know these things exist, so they can learn from history, not repeat it. I think that all Christians should be well versed in the Satanic Bible, because how can you dispute any of it, if you don't understand it. That is the point here. I will not pay attention to someone who only sees things their way and refuses to see the reality in everything. However, someone who is educated in every arena and has an opinion, I would listen to it, because they are knowledgeable and have a right to state their opinion. The rest of the people are just talking out their Rear Ends.

Jim Fedako said...

5:22 --

That's all good and well for you, but ...

Why would do you like the theme of City of Embers? Don't you see the contradiction in this: School employees (adults) choosing book for every child with a theme that parents are inherently wrong, and that life must move toward some new utopia.

You have given your children over to the state. They are being taught that your morals and ethics are stuck the past. And you accept this? Really?

Jim Fedako said...

5:33 --

Then expose YOUR children to the evils of the world, at a very young age nonetheless. But don't force that on others.

And, keep this in mind, most readers of this blog are well versed in the nonsense of the world. That is how they are able to see the evils that your schools force on every child.

I would suggest that it is you who is not well versed in the true good that God and the Bible can offer. But that is your choice, just don't force it on your neighbors little children,

Anonymous said...

"Why would do you like the theme of City of Embers? [sic] Don't you see the contradiction in this: School employees (adults) choosing book for every child with a theme that parents are inherently wrong, and that life must move toward some new utopia.

You have given your children over to the state. They are being taught that your morals and ethics are stuck the past. And you accept this? Really?"

Wrong. Your first (among many) problem is that you assume that "your morals and ethics" are correct or right, and that everything else is a threat. This is actually the root of a lot of your fallacies.

My child reads controversial books at school, and we talk about them. Some of what she is exposed to, in the classroom and elsewhere, deviates from what she learns at home or at the very least raises questions. We talk about those things, too, and my stating my position and trying to explain why I think why do lets my kid think carefully about her own conclusions.

Thank God she's not homeschooled, where her parents would be her major source of ideas about the world. She gets exposed to diverse ideas, she has a safe place at home to discuss them.

Also, Jim, your morals and ethics probably ARE stuck in the past. I bet mine are, too. That's why I like to present my case clearly, and teach my kid to be rational and critical above all else. That way, when she gets exposed to people who I think are fascists masquerading as individualists, she can (1) understand the distinction between fascism and individualism and (2) better recognize whether my conclusions are justified or whether they're a function of my personal prejudices.

This country was founded on skepticism, was made great by plurality, and each generation seems to have to forcefully scrape the prejudices of its parents to keep us, as a Nation, from stagnating.

@7:41 : I hope you could hear how loud I laughed that you took on the board about this, but were apparently so out of touch with the consequences for your child. Perhaps your focus should have been on outcomes for your kid, whom you nominally could have queried every day, so the implication that you have a right to outrage is hilarious!