Friday, December 21, 2007

Strickland and broadband

Gov. Ted Strickland certainly has plans. His latest is to provide broadband service for everyone in Ohio, at taxpayer expense.

Sure, he is simply asking for a public-private partnership be formed, with study committees in every county. Sounds like the proverbial camel's nose.

In the end, Strickland will create an e-infrastructure similar to Mussolini's concrete infrastructure.

As Ludwig von Mises proved, there is no such animal as the public-private partnership. The camel's nose is really the nose of the government camel. And, once the nose, the whole camel -- government -- will soon follow. Sadly, we will end up watching history repeat the lessons of Italy of some 80 odd years ago.

Don't hold out hope for any turn-around in Ohio's economy, Strickland is simply adding more water to the rust.

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Brian said...

Yet Ohioans will gleefully go along with this because the way mot look at it, they are getting something for nothing. And we can be assured that when he implements it there will be a huge cost overrun, and the system will be obsolete. But who’s complaining when you are getting your free bread at the coliseum.