Monday, December 03, 2007

The problem with Gordon Gee: the middle ground

Joe Hallet of The Columbus Dispatch has an article on OSU's Gordon Gee in today's edition of the newspaper. Hallet's interview shows that Gee likes to portray himself as a centrist, the reasonable sage looking for the supposed middle ground.

While Gee may claim that his path is the righteous one, he is absolutely wrong. Those who seek the middle ground are one of two types: either they are amoral; or, they use the middle ground for their own benefit.

The Consensus Builder: The Book of Revelation states that Jesus hates the lukewarm more than the hot or cold. Think about it. What is the middle ground other than sand that cannot hold roots? To believe that the middle ground is sacred is to believe in nothing. The first light breeze blows the sand free, exposing the roots. But, that's OK since the lover of the middle ground has no problems taking root elsewhere. They do not believe in absolute right and wrong. They are the epitome of relativism.

I doubt that this is the complete description of Gee, as I would guess that he is more the latter than the former of the two types.

The Compromiser: You see, Gee simply wants more money for whatever university he shills for at the given moment. When he talks about the middle ground, he simply means that he will accept any position that betters his position. He wants more state dollars for OSU. And, I can guarantee that this is one issue where he is not lukewarm. Other than that, he will stake no position since drawing a line in the sand may cause him to lose his beloved tax dollars.

So, Gee is not the reasonable sage. He is simply playing the game to obtain more of our tax dollars. And there ain't nothing reasonable about that.

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