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Julie Feasel Follies (4) -- Is Olentangy's Julie Feasel above the law?

Originally posted on 4/17/09 -- Jim

She must think so.

It's amazing what you can get with the right public records request. Note the email exhange between Feasel and Jennifer Smith (below). It certainly appears that Feasel is skirting Ohio's sunshine laws by conducting a serial meeting -- you know, polling votes with a nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more.

Feasel is president of a board that has already been in hot water for violating sunshine laws, so she should know better. Maybe she does and doesn't care. You know, power and corruption.

1. At least one board member (Smith) follows the law, the rest just hold the public in contempt.
2. OFK, How can you still support Feasel in the face of all this? Hmmm.

To: "Julie Wagner Feasel"
From: "Jennifer Smith"
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="--=_--0291526e.0291429d.c60a67a8"


I have not returned your phone calls soliciting my opinion regarding an upcoming work session, because you made it clear in voicemails that you were - and now have- contacted every other board member and polled them as to whether or not Kathy LaSota should be hired to facilitate a future work session. It is improper to discuss board business outside of public view (properly notified public meetings). This "round robin" voting and discussion is highly improper and there is case law that substantiates that this activity is a violation of ORC 121.22. I will not be party to violating the law.


Julie Wagner Feasel writes:


I didn't get to make any board calls on Saturday because we spent the day doing graduation and prom stuff so I made my board calls tonight. What I've been asking the other board members is there thoughts on hiring Kathy Lasota for at least one more work session to help us finalize the items we didn't finish on Thursday. So please let me know your thoughts as I would like our next work session to be sooner rather than later and everyone's (sic) schedules will have to be coordinated. Also, I was talking to the other board members about their thoughts and opinions on Thursday's session so I'd like to talk to you about that as well. Finally, I never got to talk to you about your thoughts on the budget subcommittee meeting. I've spoken to Sue, Teri, Mr. Lidle and Becky on their thoughts and I'd like to talk to you as well, specifically about making the budgeting process better next year.

Let me know when a good time to call you will be. I don't have anything on Monday night so I'm open. Or I can call you during my lunch hour noon-1 on Monday.

Julie Wagner Feasel, member
Olentangy School Board
Please note that all e-mail communication to elected officials is public record and maybe viewed by anyone who requests it.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Julie Feasel Follies (2) -- Olentangy School Board in Wonderland

Originally posted on June 5, 2008.

If reelected, Feasel will continue to keep the sunshine from board deliberations. -- Jim

Down is up, and illegal is now confidential. We are now lost in the rabbit hole.

Starting with
Edward Bernays, propagandists have lived by this maxim: Tell a big lie, repeat it over and over, and the masses will accept it as truth. In accordance with this, board has told the big lie and is now in the repeat phase. The question remains: Will the community accept it as fact.

Board member Jen Smith notified the board of a pending sunshine violation, yet the board voted anyway. Why? I assume arrogance. Now the board majority is taking Smith to task in a
letter to the Olentangy Valley News (below). The goal is to repeat the lie until it is believed.

If you want the facts, read the newspaper articles on this issue. The board schemed to violate Ohio sunshine laws, with the smoking gun -- the instructions on how to circumvent state law -- penned by McFerson (as reported on the OVN).

It seems like the board has taken a very Bernaysian turn. Will you believe them?

note: You have to love the implication that board policy trumps state sunshine laws, along with the mention of ethics from one (Dimon) whose own actions caused then-governor Taft to commit ... you guessed it ... ethics violations.

Letter: Smith should not have given confidential info to press

Published: Wednesday, June 4, 2008 11:11 AM EDT

To the Editor:

In the news recently, our fellow board member Jennifer Smith attacked the process the Olentangy School Board is using to hire a new superintendent. As two fellow board members, we feel that these attacks are unwarranted and simply untrue.

Dr. Davis told the members of the Olentangy Board of Education that he would be stepping down due to his illness in a closed executive session. Board President Scott Galloway appointed Vice President Dimon McFerson to lead the search committee. Since three out of the five board members had never participated in a superintendent search, McFerson's background made him the best person to head up this process.

For some reason, Mrs. Smith felt the need to share confidential information discussed in executive session with the press. Mrs. Smith has always voted to go into every executive session the board has had this year, and at no time during any of our executive sessions has she voiced any opinion about why the board should or should not be in executive session. By sharing this executive session information with the press, Mrs. Smith broke the board's governance policies GP 4.1 in the code of ethics, which states "respect the confidentiality of privileged information," and GP 4.2 in the code of covenants, which states "remember that board business at times requires confidentiality, especially in the process involving personnel, land acquisitions, negotiations and the need for security."

Mrs. Smith also told the press that Galloway and McFerson screened the 15 applicants to pick the top five for interviewing -- that is true. What she didn't mention was that she reviewed the same 15 applications herself and picked out five applicants to interview. Ironically, she picked the exact same five candidates that Galloway and McFerson selected. Thus, this process is hardly "rigged" as she told the press it was.

Did the search firm hired to find the best superintendent for Olentangy personally contact potential candidates and talk to them about applying for the position? Absolutely. Did McFerson himself talk to potential candidates about applying for the position? He did. There is no law in Ohio that says these actions cannot be done. That is why the process is called a search. This is done all the time in the business world and in superintendent searches as the great leaders are usually employed. Once candidates apply, their names then become public and the entire board is involved. But until the candidates apply, it is just one person talking to another to get them interested in the position.

Both of us are hopeful that Mrs. Smith will realize she jeopardized the work of the board by discussing confidential information with the press. We also hope she realizes she will get more accomplished through collaboration. She has some good ideas and a passion to improve where improvement is needed. However, she needs to follow the board's governance policies just like every other board member.

Julie Wagner Feasel and Dimon McFersonOlentangy Board of Education members

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Julie Feasel Follies (1) -- Olentangy Levy: Most inane comment from a board member

First published on February 29, 2008. At least the calendar can stretch a month ever now and again. Too bad Feasel can't stretch one simple buck. -- Jim 

Note: Is Feasel the Nancy Pelosi of Olentangy? Hmmm. Something to think about.

Olentangy board member Julie Feasel posted this comment on another

I just want to point out that Olentangy did make $6 million in cuts to future spending BEFORE even going on the ballot and we continue to look at how we can trim costs. (emphasis added)

Did you get that? The district made cuts to future spending when the issue is this fiscal year and next fiscal year. Is this her idea of cutting costs?

Really, why do I care that they cut projected costs, effective FY2010, when it's FY2009 that has the supposed negative balance (I say supposed as there is no real deficit -- read my previous post)?


Just think about it: There are costs that can be cut, yet Feasel and company are waiting until 2010. And, they want to raise your taxes for such nonsense.

This is the logic which guides the district. Amazing!

note: According to Feaselian logic, I am a financial genius and a good steward of my money since I decided not to buy an aircraft carrier in 2010. I cut $1 billion in future spending. Wow!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Letter to Wall Street Journal

Dear Editor:

Whenever I hear Richard Dawkins champion his selfish gene theory ("Richard Dawkins's Big Idea"), I cannot help but feel a touch of sympathy.

Assuming arguendo that Dawkins is correct with regard to genes ruthlessly seeking to replicate themselves, he, with one child, must therefore be host to defective genes -- ones without a level of ruthlessness to adequately replicate.

So, based on his own theory, Dawkins is not a pinnacle of his beloved evolution, he is but an evolutionary defect whose genetic legacy is bound for extinction. I assume he recognizes this, hence my sympathy.

Maybe, for his own sake, he should consider an alternate theory, especially the one he so whimsically denies.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Letter to WSJ

Dear Editor:

Edward Frenkel displays a high level of acuteness with regard to the esoteric boundaries of mathematics  ("Weekly Confidential," August 24, 2013). Nevertheless, his keen insight is not omnipresent.

To wit: In defense of the Common Core Standards Initiative, Mr. Frenkel makes an analogy to the heights of doorways. He claims the varying standards found in the several states are akin to doorways of different heights -- this notion he challenges and fears. Though, one stroll through, say, the Notre-Dame de Paris reveals the error in the analogy: doorways are set at different heights for reasons that make perfect sense.

The same is true for academic standards. No one -- no entity -- can define a set of standards that serve all purposes. To claim and advocate otherwise is to miss the lesson to be learned at Notre-Dame, or any building for that matter.

The Common Core Standards Initiative will not improve educational outcomes in the US, just as standard doorway heights would not have improved the Notre-Dame. Furthermore, to conceive of an entity setting standards that are neither political nor lacking is to view the process of zoning as the means to structures that have a greater sense of beauty than a French gothic cathedral.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Brian Helwig for Olentangy School Board

Support Brian -- website found here.

It's time to bring more common sense back to the board ... Adam White is only one vote, he can't do it alone.

According to Helwig:

I am a better candidate because:
                    I do not believe in common core!
                    I believe we have a huge opportunity to improve our education system!
                    I know we don't need another levy!
                    I want to put Student Learning over Student Testing!

For me, opposition to additional taxes is a sufficient. Throw in Common Core and you got a winner.

Vote for Helwig!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mark Gerber -- a political thug

Dear Editor:
In his recent Letter to the Editor, Mark Gerber, Liberty Township fiscal officer, perverts the ideals that founded this nation. He desires a country (or township, at the very least) where the majority are wholly unconstrained – for his benefit, of course. So he agitates for a tax that is paid by only 5% of the township, but is reaped 100% by his parochial political class. This he terms democracy.

He shouts in the streets, “Tax the 5%!”
But didn’t this nation rebel against King and Parliament when it was 95% of the population taxing the other 5% – the Colonies?
One can assume that if Gerber found five wallets on the ground, instead of returning them, he would dredge up 95 folks willing to say, “Just keep ‘em.”
What Gerber terms democracy is the means that affords him – and his political class – the ability to use the majority to exercise ”a long train of abuses and usurpations” on the minority.
Seem liberty is lacking in Liberty.

The sweet irony that is the Joint Economic Development Zone

Dear Editor:

Oh, the sweet irony that is the Joint Economic Development Zone.

First, there is Republican Curt Sybert who recently announced he would not seek reelection to his Liberty Township trustee post. Instead, he will abuse the concept of no taxation without representation as he champions his new tax night and day.

Then, after burdening folks under the yoke of rising taxes, Sybert will run for Delaware County judge. Will he run on his conservative legacy: the perversion (er, reinterpretation) of an obscure tax law for the purpose of growing local governments? If so, his platform must not include integrity.

Finally, there are those most vocal against the new tax: local government employees. Liberty Township firefighter and union President Chalaco Clark lamented the dent the proposed tax will make in his wallet. But he made no similar declaration in defense of taxpayers when it was his levy on the ballot.

Doesn’t he realize the money Sybert wants from him was first found in the wallets of Liberty residents? In this instance, it sounds like the fox is being out foxed, and whining about the outcome.

The sweet irony of it all.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Anthony Gregory on Rand Paul's Senate Filibuster

Here is a new "video with Research Fellow Anthony Gregory regarding Senator Rand Paul's powerful and heroic filibuster defending the Bill of Rights and attacking the Obama White House's claim to be judge, jury and executioner and kill Americans at will with drones on American soil."

"Anthony Gregory on Rand Paul's Senate Filibuster," featuring Anthony Gregory


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Here is a recent piece by Senior Vice President Mary Theroux of the Independent Institute regarding the shameless and hypocritical use of the Oscars to promote the Obama social and economic agenda? The Presidency as Theater: The Fa├žade Continues.

"Hurray for Washington," by Mary Theroux

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Philosopher Alvin Plantinga Receives Prestigious Rescher Prize

"Philosopher Alvin Plantinga Receives Prestigious Rescher Prize" -- a very interesting and insightful article from David J. Theroux, Founder and President, The Independent Institute.