Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ohio chases Massachusetts (RIP)

Massachusetts got a head start on the move to end state income tax, but it appears that Ohio is not too far behind. Way to go Libertarians!

Will the Republicans support this effort? Or, will the thought of reduced taxes and the requisite reduction in government scare them off?

At their bi-monthly meeting on Saturday, the Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPO) moved to sponsor a voter initiative to repeal all income taxes in the state of Ohio. The Repeal the Income tax Petition (RIP) Committee has put together a plan to place this initiative onto the November 2009 General Election ballot in Ohio. Specifically, we will be working to replace the existing permission of the state and local governments to tax Ohioans paychecks, Social Security checks, retirement support, and other income with the following sentence:

"The taxation of incomes shall be prohibited in the state of Ohio."

Our first step will be the collection of 1,000 signatures to submit to the Ohio Attorney General's office to verify that we are repealing the income tax as advertised and to ensure that our action represents only a single issue. Petitions for this first round of signature gathering will be available online shortly. Our deadline to turn these in will be January 14, 2008. Once the petition has been certified, we will start gathering the 402,275 signatures needed to place this on the ballot. The deadline for that will be August 3, 2009. If you can volunteer your time or a skill to this effort, please contact or call 614.855.4579. We will be looking for individuals who can help coordinate petition collection, organize petition gathering events, and serve as the focal point for the growth of new Libertarian groups in every county, city, village, and township throughout the state. Additionally, we will need graphic artists, media coordinators, ad designers, and many others as we progress with this initiative, so please consider how you can help the RIP succeed and save Ohioans more than $9 billion per year, forever!

We will be making our official kickoff announcement about this initiative to the Ron Paul meetup group at their Tea Party event this Sunday afternoon! The Tea Party event begins at approximately 1:30PM and is expected to last for an hour in Battele Riverfront Park in downtown Columbus, OH. For additional details about this exciting event put on by the Ron Paul movement, please visit

To support the Libertarian Party of Ohio in our continuing efforts to restore freedom and liberty to your part of Ohio, please visit, click on the "Contribute" button and sign up for a monthly contribution or make a one-time contribution. Your generous contribution will allow us to continue our work for ballot access, to push forward to repeal the income tax laws in Ohio, and to defend property owners around the state from eminent domain abuse. Additionally, your contribution of $20 or more per year will ensure your receipt of our regular newsletter, the Buckeye Libertarian, keeping you current on LPO activities, successes, and campaigns around the state of Ohio.

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