Friday, December 07, 2007

Groundhog Day: Olentangy ranked 91st in the state on reading skills

That's right, according to Ohio Department of Education data.1

For this, the board gave the superintendent a bonus; a superintendent who is likely the highest compensated superintendent in Central Ohio. I guess it all makes sense: the board doesn't expect much, and the superintendent doesn't deliver much. Low expectations and the students suffer.

Of course, the district has a different spin to tell its community. In fact, ThisWeek Olentangy bought the spin and cried the headline, "Olentangy 3rd-graders exceed state minimums."

Keep in mind that all the money -- in the form of salaries and other hidden compensation -- has produced no improved results. To be ranked 91st in the state and the superintendent is proud.



1. Take a look at the ODE data here.


Anonymous said...

Jim...first of all...this is not much of a difference, but from the spreadsheet I came up with entering all of the numbers from all school districts, Olentangy ranks 85th in the state for 3rd grade reading scores.

Now, let me gather my thoughts.

Olentangy has a percentage of 79 3rd grade students at or above proficiency with with 1104 students taking the test.

The top three schools, Fort Loramie (94.9%), Russia (94.6%) and Botkins (94.3%) have 59, 37 and 35 students tested respectively. To me, it seems much easier for these places to get a higher percentage. For Fort Laramie is takes 56 students to get that percentage..Botkins 35...Russia 33. Olentangy would have to have 1048 students perform at or above proficient to receive a percentage of 94.9.

To me, this seems ridiculous that you would harp on the fact that the district is performing at 79% or say that 91st (86th) is a "bad" ranking. I don't think you can really rank percentage like you have done. The number is skewed because of the number of students being tested. That is not good statistics on your part.

Would you also say that New Albany is a bad school district because they ranked 38th? New Albany is a superb school district.

Would you say that Fredericktown, who has 79.1% at or above proficient is better than Olentangy? Guess what...I went to Fredericktown and would say that Olentangy is a way better school district, but because Fredericktown only tested 86 students, they are able to get a high percentage easier.

For anybody that reads this blog...please beware. Jim has always been an opponent of Olentangy Schools...even when he was on the school board. Take what he says with a grain of salt because his info is often skewed to his perspective and not alway truthful. Jim doesn't even have students in the Olentangy School district...well...he did at one time just so he could get on the school board...but then pulled them back out for private school.

Olentangy is a great school...Jim's numbers in this post are definitely not correct because is doesn't take all variables into account.

When you look at numbers of students tested in the school that scored higher than us, you will find that the closest schools in number of students tested are Mason at 832 and Centerville at 599. Both are great schools...but none of the schools above Olentangy in "rankings" come close to the number of students that Olentangy has. 16 of the schools ahead of Olentangy were within 1% percentage point of Olentangy's percentage. 29 were withing 3% points, 39 were within 4% points, 49 within 5% points. I could go on, but I think the point is made.

Please Jim, if you are going to totally bash the school district...please do it with truthful information. Do I think its right that the school district gives bonuses to administrators for the work that the teachers do? No. But I do think it is wrong to say that our district is performing horribly when the district is performing at an excellent level.

Our comparison districts percentages look something like this just so we are being honest.

Worthington 75.5
Pickerington 79.7
Westerville 67.4
Dublin 76
Reynoldsburg 70
Hilliard 66.8
Upper Arlington 92.6
New Albany 83.8

Those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head as Olentangy's comparison districts. Olentangy definitely ranks pretty high with its comparison districts.

The joy of the internet is that you can post whatever you say Jim...and you can shape your research to say whatever you want it to say. I have been reading your blog long enough to realize that you are fake and don't really know what you are talking about when it comes to achievement and taxes. However, I believe that the district taxpayers deserve the truth...not skewed information from a disgruntled former school board member.

Do I want to pay more taxes? No...but the students of our district deserve to have a good education so I am going to support this school district because they have done nothing wrong and have been highly rated in fiscal accountability. The last levy lasted for 4 years instead of three and the one before that had lasted 5 years instead of three. In my mind...that is a fiscally responsible district. In comparison, the Olentangy School District spends much less on each student than the state average and comparison district average, but they outperform all of there comparison districts and are consistently rated as an excellent school district.

Stan B.

Anonymous said... can post whatever you want for everybody to read...but you have to approve comments and rebuttals to your blogs...hmmm....are you censoring the truth again?


Jim Fedako said...

Let me start with your last post first.

4:26 -- The poster wants to be able to say what he or she chooses yet remain anonymous. Just a little disingenuous, isn't it?

This is my blog, just as the Dispatch is the Wolfe Family's newspaper. If you have something to say that needs to be said, create a blog and post under your true identity. Be a man, not anonymous.

4:23 -- Districts are ranked according to the state-defined Performance Index (PI). No one uses straight percentages -- other than those who are out of their league such as yourself. Do some research before you post nonsense.

Your number of students argument has to be the dopiest argument I have ever heard.

Really, you have to be an idiot.

Third grade reading instruction is done at the classroom level. The size of the district has no meaning whatsoever.

In fact, some of the lowest ranking districts have the lowest number of students.

By the way, Mason is ranked 11th based on PI. And, Pickerington once again beats us.

The title of the post is Groundhog Day. Why? Because the district rankings have not improved in the last 7 or 8 years.

If you think a 91st ranking for a district in the top 15 based on demographics is a sign of achievement, then you need to be reading another website. I suggest the National Education Association or the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development. They both have the analysis you desire.

You need to perform some background research to see the percentage of district students who require remedial course work at state colleges and universities. It's a sad statistic to say the least.


You are deluded and dull. Go back to the drawing board and try again.

Anonymous said...

LOL--Stan the Man just got a boot in his Can!

The bottom line is that Ohio public colleges tell us that one-in-four Olentangy graduates are not prepared for their entry level English and/or Math curriculum.

That's a problem. Stan can slice and dice his delussions any way he likes, but the facts are clear: Olentangy 'aint "all that", and needs drastic improvement.

Anonymous said...

Priceless--a Must read. Hey--maybe we should send our English and Math Department chairs and their lackeys to East Harlem to show administrators there how to dumb down curricula without getting caught. You know--use the Book Selection Process to legitimize garbage YA literature and pose Fuzzy Math as a valuable learning tool...

Stan B. said...

First of all..."Stan the Man" did not get a "boot in his can."

Here's the rub Jim...I was been a teacher for many years (not in the Olentangy district) and have been thoroughly impressed with the programs at Olentangy Local Schools for my own students. We moved from the Worthington Schools where I taught because I realized that Worthington, who's motto is "Where excellence is a tradition" should really be "Where excellence used to be a tradition."

As a statistics/data analyst, I take insult to your delusions of how poorly the Olentangy LSD is doing. You tend to take one small statistic and blow it way out of proportion to make everybody believe what you want them to believe. The truth is that 3rd grade reading scores are not the end-all of what makes up the district...contrary to what you are comparing.

I still think my observation about number of students tested still stands. Yes....the teaching is done by class, but the numbers of students does pose a new variable...with a much larger pool of students to test. It is easier to get a higher percentage when there are less students. By what you say....Fredericktown Local Schools who had a 79.1 is better than Olentangy. I WENT TO FREDERICKTOWN LOCAL SCHOOLS AND I KNOW THAT THE EDUCATION AT OLENTANGY IS MUCH BETTER!!!! Don't skew things to what you want people to believe. Tell the truth.

I love the fact that you just love to insult people who don't agree with you and try to put up a valid response to your skewed statistics. You call me "dull" but what about the fact that you really only say the same thing over and over on this blog. Ok....we get hate Olentangy...sorry...we all can't be as perfect as you. Maybe we can have you as our superintendent so you can run things for a while and fail because you really don't know anything about education. I don't think you would last more than a week as a superintendent. You would bankrupt the district in a heartbeat trying to establish your own agenda.

Our schools would be so dull and boring that students would not learn! I'm sure you would like to get rid of health, pe, music, art, world language, technology because the don't fall into the three R's.

I have not hidden my name. I just choose to not post my full name. I told you my name.

I will be happy to discuss things with you in person...I just choose to not post my full name or email all over the internet.

Do I think the OLSD is There is always room for improvement. Olentangy is the fastest growing district in the state. I'm not making an excuse with that, but there are always new teachers in the district who are learning the way things are done. It is an interesting situation that the district is in with the tremendous growth.

Stan Bulcher