Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Prayer at the Courthouse

The Delaware County Commissioners start their meetings with a prayer. Tricky situation. Why?

Well, the current commissioners and their supporters are banking on the hope that only Christians will be elected county commissioner. What if someone is elected and chooses to pray to some god other than the God of the Bible? What then? Will the same folks rally in defense?

Keep in mind that whatever legal means the commissioners use to defend their prayers will be used against them in the end. Those situations happen all the time. Better to keep prayers personal and separate God from politics. Not God from the individual, but God from such politics.

Why? Simple, the USA is no longer a God-centered country. The courts are not about to place the God of the Bible before any other gods. The best the commissioners can hope for is the God-defeating statement that says referring to the God of the Bible is just "tradition." That is how the courts allow continued references to God in public places. But, is the God of the Bible just a relic, a throwback to some earlier era? Absolutely not. And, to accept such a decision as a victory is to blasphemy God's name.

The irony here is that the fight is over prayer before a public meeting while the local schools run amok with nonsense. I suggest that the commissioners instead use their energy to fight that which is forced into the minds of the next generation.

Doing such is better than wasting energy on court decisions that will ultimately undo that which the commissioners are honestly trying to do: reintroduce God to a fallen world.

Delaware County Commissioners, rethink your positions on this matter.

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