Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving and Common Ownership

Dear Editor:

In her Thanksgiving Day column, "Simple gratitude is best perspective to view this nation on Thanksgiving," Froma Harrop missed the true message of the Pilgrims.Or, she chose to ignore the message for obvious reasons. The message? That the concept of common ownership -- and, hence, equalized wealth -- leads to destruction.

The Pilgrims started their colony based on the concept of common ownership but abandoned that failed ideal after Gov. William Bradford noted that healthy men refused to work in the common fields -- just as would occur in the Soviet Union some 300 years later. After this experience, Bradford recognized that only those who believe themselves wiser than God would advocate the taking away of private property.

Had the Pilgrims continued with a system of equalized wealth -- the path that Harrop advocates in her article, there would be no Thanksgiving story to tell.

Harrop should be thankful that Bradford recognized that the Harropian utopia is the quickest way to extinguish a colony, or a modern nation.

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