Friday, November 16, 2007

Missing the point .. but that is the point

On Wednesday, the Columbus Dispatch had an article on the failings of the US public schools when compared to other countries.

Two people can read the same data and arrive at different conclusions. But, it's truly ironic when the correct conclusion is obvious, yet some miss it.

Or, maybe they simply choose to ignore the obvious in an attempt to push an agenda.

The article has local educators stating that the "old-school ways" are the cause of US failures. So, local public schools are playing education games -- fluff -- when it is the "old-school ways" that actually produce knowledgeable students. You see, the top country in math is Singapore, yet
Singapore Math provides only basic math and none of the Progressive nonsense that infects US public schools.

Wouldn't you think that public schools would be adopting Singapore Math instead of adding fluff and nonsense? They aren't since their adopted programs -- such as Everyday Mathematics -- are aligned with their agenda.

Given the article and the public school response, it is obvious that the product of K-12 education is indoctrination. Graduating another generation of students without knowledge is just fine for the NEA members and their administrative counterparts. They have greater goals to attain.

note: Olentangy, of course, uses Everyday Mathematics. Read the Wikipedia article on Singapore Math -- "Most U.S. parents are likely to be familiar with the traditional mathematics presented in a typical Singapore math book."

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