Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Reality of Government (or, how we steal from our neighbors)

Nothing hits home like the man who suffers due to government, whether government is the feds in DC or his neighbors at the local zoning office. Read this letter sent to me and weep for the way we treat our fellow Americans. Instead of Liberty, we have adopted the collectivist view of government knows best. A very sad state of affairs.

As surely as lifting money from his wallet, we have stolen from Jack (below). It's time that we start looking inside our heart to see what causes us to covet the property of others.

Dear Mr Fedako,

As has been said, a political compromise is halfway between two bad ideas. Can you imagine a political compromise on a wheel? Result may be a triangular “wheel “ or some such thing.

Yesterday I went to my local county courthouse. I am an old guy and it’s time I started distributing some of my property to my loved ones. Anyway, I wanted to break off 6.5 acres, property that is detached from the rest of my 40 acres by a road. I want to sell/give the land to one of my dear relatives.

Luckily, I was able to convince the county surveyor to use his computer and prepare a description of the piece. He was reluctant, telling me it should be surveyed independently at my expense but I finally got him to do it (all the info was in his computer, all he had to do was find it and get it out).
Then to the Zoning Office, why I have no idea, except my 40 is zoned Agriculture. I pointed out that in this township there is not one farm, not even a cow. It consists of forest, sand and gravel. Why am I zoned Ag? Of course she gave me some bureaucratic explanation, to pretend that zoning by the experts is really important.

To be rezoned to Rural Residential requires 5 acres so I was OK there. Now though I had to pay $500.00, non refundable, to have the Zoning Board concur, which they may not, and then to the County Commissioners (Lord Gods of the County) for final approval. I asked the young lady where the science was in the 5 acre rule, the zoning rules, and the authority of outsiders to determine my use of my property. She said there is a science but of course didn’t elaborate. I live 30 miles from the county seat.

Now before any building can take place a survey must be done before building permits can be issued. Building permits require the presentation of an approved site plan, prepared by a contractor, at a cost of about $300 or more. The “free” land will cost about 10 K or more before the first shovelful of dirt is turned, with permits, surveys, septic tank and approved well in. Our youngsters are destined to live in apartments for the rest of their lives.

My wife made me promise to behave myself, since she really wanted this done. I gritted my teeth, kept my mouth shut, for a change. I explained that I had to sell the land to pay my taxes, since the county believes my property is highly taxable. The clerk laughed at my humor. I wasn’t joking, however.

Good article, keep up the good work. Jack

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