Monday, November 12, 2007

The $9.4 million expense: or, the Olentangy Five-Year Forecast follies

As promised, the critique continues:

$9.4 million is the cost over the forecast to implement the district's new staffing ratio. What's up with that?

Never heard of the big change? That's because these things are never discussed at board meetings. Not that it would matter, the current board would simply cheer the additional expenses. They really can't spend enough of your money.

Regardless, the board needs to make their plans public. Otherwise I have to ask when these plans are being discussed? Where and when is the work of the board being done? In the sunshine, or somewhere less visible to the public eye?

Staffing ratios have been decreasing over time, and the district is looking to drive the ratio of students to certified staff to an all-time low. Instead of allowing staffing ratios to be 15 students to each certified staff, the change in staffing is going to cost a lot of taxpayer dollars.

And, you can be certain that outcomes will not improve.

The winners: the staff who have less and less to do year after year.

$9.4 million. And this is a board and administration that claims to be reducing costs. Hmmm.

Remember the $9.4 million this Spring at a levy time.

stay tuned ... more to come ...

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