Monday, November 12, 2007

Boundaries, Borders and Broken Eggs

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In order to slow illegal immigration, the US government is going to construct a fence along the international water boundary with Mexico. Not alongside the Rio Grande, but along the international water boundary.

According to the AOL News article
Border Fence Sparks Outrage in Town:
"GRANJENO, Texas (Nov. 8) - Founded 240 years ago, this sleepy Texas town along the Rio Grande has outlasted the Spanish, then the Mexicans and then the short-lived independent Republic of Texas. But it may not survive the U.S. government's effort to secure the Mexican border with a steel fence.

A map obtained by The Associated Press shows that the double- or triple-layer fence may be built as much as two miles from the river on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande, leaving parts of Granjeno and other nearby communities in a potential no-man's-land between the barrier and the water's edge.

Based on the map and what the residents have been told, the fence could run straight through houses and backyards. Some fear it could also cut farmers off from prime farmland close to the water.

"I don't sleep right because I'm worried," said Daniel Garza, a 74-year-old retiree born and raised in Granjeno. Garza said federal agents told him that the gray brick house he built just five years ago and shares with his 72-year-old wife is squarely in the fence's path.
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Poor Mr. Garza. He's just another egg waiting to be broken for the statist omelet.

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