Sunday, November 18, 2007


Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News was interviewed by Reason Magazine. According to Napolitano (when discussing the so-called Patriot Act):

Remember that the British government permitted its soldiers to execute self-written search warrants. They called them “writs of assistance,” and they were one of the last straws that caused American colonist to rebel. It’s bitterly ironic that 230 years later a popularly elected government would authorize its own agents to do the same thing that when a monarchy did it, we fought a war of rebellion in reaction—which we won!

How many people has the DOJ convicted in a jury trial for terrorism based on evidence obtained from the Patriot Act? Zero. They’ve gotten people to plead guilty, to fold, and convicted many on drug trafficking, white slavery, prostitution, gambling, and political corruption, but haven’t gotten a single [terror] case where they presented evidence in a public court before a judge and jury and the jury found a defendant guilty under evidence obtained under Patriot Act.

read the whole interview ...

Powerful words.

Read his latest book A Nation of Sheep to see where WE have allowed government to erode our God-given rights. Keep in mind that even FDR -- the statist, socialist president -- always talked about victory and peace.

Today, Bush and his cronies, presidential candidates other than Ron Paul, and Congress continue to spread fear and anxiety. Why? To corral the sheep into a pen where the Bill of Rights is a dead letter.

They've almost finished the job.

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