Saturday, November 17, 2007

Git'er Done With Ron Paul

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Git'er Done With Ron Paul
by Jim Fedako

Git'er done. We got'er done. Got what done? Well, my wife and I hung an interior door. Yep, we got'er done.

You see, we both wanted the door hung. Sure, we disagreed on certain aspects of the process – the means, but we both had the same end in mind. And, we are both satisfied with the outcome.
I bring this up in context of a political endorsement meeting I recently attended where candidates for county and state offices were seeking the support of the local party elite. Part of the process included an open mike so supporters could speak on behalf of their favored candidate.

There was a common theme throughout the meeting, and it went something like this: I am here to support candidate X. Though he and I disagreed on many issues, we were always able to compromise and get the job done.

That's right, they got'er done.

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