Thursday, November 15, 2007

Olentangy's Davis: He's a liar

ThisWeek Olentangy has Olentangy superintendent Scott Davis as stating that the district will have to make $10.4 million in cuts if the proposed March 2008 levy fails.

So, according to Davis, the district HAS to cut $10.4 million in order to offset a $2 million deficit in fiscal year 2009.

Add in the interest income money being squirreled away on a different set of books, and there is no deficit until fiscal year 2010. Yet Davis states that the district must make $10.4 million in cuts if the voters do not approve his levy. Huh.

Davis, Lying can only get you so far; district residents are much too smart for your shenanigans.

Have you and the board no shame?

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