Friday, November 09, 2007

Talking About My Generation

Nineteen year-old Anthony Merola has a great article out on H.R. 1955 has to be the scariest piece of legislation ever.

We fought a revolution based on -- in perspective to this -- mundane invasions of Liberty. Where have we gone wrong? When will WE decide that enough is enough?

Hopefully, Anthony Merola and his generation can undo the damage wrought by the current generations in power. Sadly, my generation is too feeble, too scared to stop the madness. Good luck Anthony! Please clean up our mess.

-- Jim

Talking About My Generation
by Anthony Merola

From my perception, America is changing. More people are waking up to the problems that plague our nation, and a few of us are doing what we can to make the necessary changes. As it currently stands, our dollar is failing, our warfare/welfare state is increasing, and our country is facing continued resentment throughout the rest of the world.

Now, many Americans refuse to accept that this is happening. They are living in a state of willful ignorance that is only making it more difficult to live daily. However, what they don’t also realize is that this willful ignorance is going to have a substantial impact on the lives of those in my generation, as well as generations that will come after mine.

As a member of the 18–24-year old group I face a failing education system, a failing social security system, and a failing dollar. However, I am almost guaranteed an increase on my income tax, an increase in the amount of war that plagues this nation, and an increase in the curtailing of civil liberties at home.

Now, out of all the problems that I face as young American, I am most troubled by the last one. I am part of a generation that is increasingly vocal about standing up for what they believe in, and we are not afraid to let our voices be heard. Unfortunately it seems like this may no longer be the case. On October 23, the US House of Representatives passed "H.R. 1955," otherwise known as "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007."
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