Saturday, November 10, 2007

Olentangy Teachers Present at the Latest Comintern

According to the latest district email dispatch:


Members of the OLHS staff have been selected to present, “Young Adult Literature Online,” at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) 97th Annual Convention in New York, New York in November. The team of Kathy Orr, Tracey Ward and Nathan Mitch were selected out of a nationwide pool of 4,000 applicants. The OLHS team will present a program that is currently a part of the ninth grade curriculum that has achieved multiple benchmarks including research, literature analysis and writing.

Also presenting at that specific workshop: Chris Crutcher, author of the notorious Whale Talk.

Just like young leftists excitedly heading off to the latest Comintern World Congress -- fanatics eager to learn the wonders of such things as socialist participation in a bourgeois government, district teachers are heading off New York to learn about perverse methods of indoctrination and subversion.

No ... wait ... the district teachers are presenting -- leading ... they are Lenin before the excited audience of fanatics.

And this is reported as good news?

One can only imagine the lessons and books they will bring back to the district. One can only imagine ...


Anonymous said...

To read excerpts from "Whale Talk" visit

This book is not a college preparatory read. It is devoid of ANY academic merit. What is the district trying to teach our children by assigning this book?? "Maximum Learning for Every Student" is at an all-time low.

Anonymous said...

Maximum Deviance for Every Student!

Thank you, Eric Gordon, for engineering a runaround process to legitimize this garbage. OLSD's Book Selection Process will be presented in NYC as the perfect device for whackjob English teachers to put books like Whale Talk on student book lists while keeping their hands clean.