Saturday, November 10, 2007

Freedom? What Freedom?

Another post relevant to recently passed H.R. 1955. Read the post "Talking About My Generation" for more insight.

I bet congressman Pat Tiberi couldn't recognize the US Constitution if it hit him in the head. He voted yes for the largest assault of our Liberty to date (roll call vote). I wonder if he'll put this in his campaign literature?

My response to someone on another listserve who is concerned with immigration:

Is a nation simply color and language? Are shared ideals unimportant? I would argue that this nation is far removed from the nation that founded this country.

The folks who gave us a "land of the free, home of the brave" are a distant past. They have been supplanted by a new people who seek handouts and control; a people that worships the state even before God.

Immigration is the red herring for many who seek more power. We should be much more concerned with H.R. 1955 than the illegal working in restaurants.

Immigrants taking our nation and freedoms away. Huh. The bozos in DC are about to give it away and we don't even react.

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