Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"The Cradle of Liberty"

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That's the nickname of the Boston area, a nickname that appears to be applicable once more.

Massachusetts looks to be the forefront of another revolution: the revolution to end the income tax. Last week, the Patriots over at the Center for Small Government reported that 100,000 signatures were delivered for validation and certification. This is another step in the arduous process to gain ballot access. Should the issue pass, the income tax in Massachusetts is done ... stick a fork in it.

With the income tax gone, the benefits accrue (according to the Committee for Small Government):

1. Reduction in taxes by $3,600 for over 3,000,000 Massachusetts workers. $3,600 average. Each worker. Not just once. Every year.

2. It will take $11 Billion out of the hands of Massachusetts Big Government – and put it back into the hands of the men and women who earned it. Not just once. Every year.

3. In productive, private hands this $11 Billion a year will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in Massachusetts.

4. This will force the state legislature to streamline and cut the waste out of the Massachusetts state budget.

5. This will force the state legislature to get rid of the failed, flawed government programs that don't work – and often make things worse.

6. It'll make the state legislature accountable to Massachusetts workers and taxpayers – instead of the government employees, lobbyists, and special interests who profit from high government spending.

7. With less government and no income tax, Massachusetts will become a magnet to private, productive businesses and individuals. More good jobs and more good workers.

That's an issue worth voting for!

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