Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tiberi and fascism

Dear Editor:

Are there two Pat Tiberi's ("Tiberi: Cut spending first", ThisWeek)?

As I see it, there is the Tiberi who wrote the guest column, speaking as someone who advocates for less government. Then there is the Tiberi who represents this district in DC, advocating a big government agenda right out of 1920's Italy.

And in a true sense of political doublespeak, the graph above Tiberi's column proved that he served during a period of excessive government spending and deficits. So while Tiberi bemoans our current financial situation, he neglects to mention that he voted for the spending bills that created this very mess.

Talk about spin. Talk about arrogance.

But I'll let Tiberi speak, "(W)e should be leaving the country in better shape for our children. They deserve it."

Sorry, Pat, your rhetoric is too little, too late. You should have defended future generations when you had the chance. Instead, you shackled them with debt.

Jim Fedako

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