Thursday, October 15, 2009

All in the family

John Cassady -- Orange Township trustee and candidate, and Republican Central Committee hack -- held a campaign fundraiser this evening. And guess who arrived in support of John, the so-called fiscal conservative? Dave King, Olentangy school board candidate and registered Democrat. Hmmm.

These folks simply want to grow government and spend your tax dollars. Party affiliation means nothing. They are simply the sorts who love the thrill of power, prestige and money -- the essence of government.

Anyone who thinks there is still a dime's worth of difference between the two major parties needs to take a closer look. Cassady or King. Feasel or Galloway. They are all the same in the end -- interchangeable parts of the same machine.

Karl Marx was right: There are two classes. His error was in misidentifying them. The classes are not worker and capitalist; they are taxpayer and tax consumer. And I saw a sounder1 of tax consumers this evening.

Note: A sounder is a herd of wild boars -- sorry boars.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Cassady. He won't be getting my vote. Neither will Quigley. Anyone who Galloway is associate with is a scumbag in my book.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting. I'm voting for Val Schiebeck.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I want any political hack running my school or it too late to write in Mr. Peanut as a candidate? He is just an all around nice guy and is salty. And who doesn't love a nut? And he is sophisticated with his monocle, top hat and cane. He doesn't wear pants, but how many times have we caught the board with their pants down? At least Mr. Peanut just doesn't put them on and can admit his faults!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Peanut has made have to pick my teeth, but at least he's never picked my pocket. I'm writing in Mr. Peanut for my vote.

I've spoken to both Cassady and Scheibeck. I got the "listen to this guy..." feeling, and he was literally trembling when he was speaking. Val seems genuine and was very engaging. I didn't feel like she was hiding something (like how I felt while talking with Cassady). Val has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Mr. Peanut has made you pick your teeth, but at least he is not like the Olentangy SB where yes you offer a great product, but does that give you the right to raise the price of that product just to pad all the other admin? No. Mr. Peanut is honest and only raises his prices when it is need to pay the bills. Go Mr. Peanut!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Peanut wouldn't spend $8,000 on an administrator retreat at the Lakes Golf Club. Mr. Peanut is sensible.

Mr. Peanut wouldn't be caught with a red iPod Shuffle, either. He has a $30 Sansa Clip that he bought at WalMart (with his own money).

Anonymous said...

I agree...we need "change" (sorry, I could not help it) and a new regime

But Schiebeck? She does not show up to any meetings. However, her husband does...He appears to have more comments on the "issues" than she does. Are her comments and platform hers or his?

Mr. Schiebecks last political endeavor ended because details of a sordid past derailed him.

Mrs. Schiebeck files to run for Trustee on the last day, at the 11th hour....

Disgusting? Perhaps. Definitely Interesting...who is REALLY running here? Mr. or Mrs.?