Saturday, October 31, 2009

Julie Feasel Follies (7) -- It's official: the levy was not needed

Originally posted on 12/16/08. -- Jim

Sure, the OFK bobbleheads will shake off this reality, but the truth is the truth.

The district's latest
Five-Year Financial Forecast shows that there was no need for a levy last May -- the district and its minions knew it all along. Furthermore, there was no need for a levy NEXT year either.

Keep that in mind as you survey the current financial landscape of the US, Ohio and your neighborhood.

And, don't forget, your bill for this unneeded levy hits early next year. That plus your escrow catch up -- a double bill in a time of financial uncertainly.

Or, should I say, the uncertainty applies only to those not employed by OLSD. Meider and Feasel are leading the board in this little sing-song:
We are so happy, happy, happy,
we are smilin' to a tear;
'cause we're getting an expensive superintendent,
wrapped under our tree this year.

As you tighten your belt this Christmas, the district will loosen its. We've fattened them with our money.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jim--that's old news. That was a year and four Becky Jenkins raises ago.

With an extra $14K in her pocket and a shiny-new "budget officer" maybe the forecasts will be more accurate now.

I wouldn't bet on it. There are a lot of pet purchases needing year-end unencumbered balances to pay for them.