Friday, October 23, 2009

Homeland Security Hucksters

It's all about public safety and homeland security (and that was sarcasm). -- Jim

From today's edition of OSBA's Facts in a Flash:

House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee

The committee heard sponsor testimony on HB 80, sponsored by Rep. John Domenick (D-Smithfield), requiring that all new school buses be equipped with a single white strobe light to be activated at all times when the bus is transporting passengers.


Anonymous said...

Don't all new buses already have a strobe type light on top? I believe I have followed one down a foggy road with it flashing.
And yeah, I know that wasn't the point of the post. But it seems even more irrelevant in light of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Why not two strobe lights? Or three?

I think that each new bus should come equipped with a disco ball on top and 1,000 LEDs to reflect off it signifying the "1,000 Points Of Light" that was the cornerstone of Bush 41's advocacy of volunteerism. Oh, sorry...this was about Homeland Security...

Then I propose the ball and lights to disorient the bejeezus out of any terrorist who tries to steal the strobe light off one of our buses.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:03: Very good. It would only be right to have school buses align with the teachings of Theosophist Alice Bailey/1,000 Points of Light since the curriculum aligns with her teachings also. Robert Muller's Core Curriculum has invaded most of our lives in one way or another.