Friday, October 23, 2009

Olentangy School Board proves Gammon's Law

"I have long been impressed by the operation of Gammon's law in the U.S. schooling system: Input, however measured, has been going up for decades, and output, whether measured by number of students, number of schools, or even more clearly, quality, has been going down."
-- Milton Friedman (Gammon's Law Points to Health-Care Solution)

Despite known budget shortfalls (huge shortfalls), the Olentangy district is pursuing larger administrative raises. And we are only 12 months away from discussions of (what is looking to be) a 10 to 15 mill levy. Amazing. -- Jim

Note: Folks, please do not construe this post to mean that Archana Springer would not be supportive of increased salaries -- or, for that matter, the upcoming 10 to 15 mill levy. I would hate to see her ostracized by her friends in the tax and spend crowd.


Anonymous said...


No need to post this: Thanks for the laughs. You crack me up. :)

Anonymous said...

It's the vapid bobbleheads like Springer who are anti-child. The unsustainable increases that she supports have nothing to do with student programming or achievement, but grow larger at the expense of them.

Anonymous said...

I hope she enjoys her full color "newsletter" hanging on her mailbox this morning.

I wonder how much that cost? What army did they recruit to drive around in the middle of the night after the their midnight cocktail party?

Was it your beloved teachers and neighbors....i bet so.