Saturday, October 10, 2009

More sleepless nights

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More sleepless nights
Jim Fedako

I just finished repairing grout in my master bathroom. As a home repair hack, I typically remove excess caulk and sealant with my bare fingers -- it's messy, but quick and easy.

OK. So far, so good.

Then, while washing my hands, I read this warning on the back label, "This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer."

Seeing the capital "S," I decided that state does not refer to everyday residents of California, but instead refers to the occupying apparatus of coercion and compulsion.

Such a realization means a lot to me. You see, I don't like to be out of it, the last to learn what everyone else knows. A small matter of pride. But there it is.

So I relaxed a bit.

Yet that cancer thing got me thinking and doubting once more.

Am I OK? Especially considering that my state, the State of Ohio, has not seen fit to warn its hapless residents.

I have to assume that agents of the State of Ohio can read labels and are aware that the unspecified chemical is known to the State of California as a cancer risk. So is the cancer concern a function of geography, and I am OK out here on Ohio? Or is my state keeping something from me?

I'll be tossing and turning for the next three nights, until Tuesday morning when Ohio's health department reopens its doors to the masses. Only then will I know my fate - that is, of course, if they'll even tell me the truth.

Oh, well ...


Anonymous said...

Great observation.

I'm going to lobby our legislature to put a warning on their "Leaving Ohio" signs at the border to read, "Entering the State of New Jersey may cause cancer".

Maybe we can ask Julie to "educate" them on it!

(then again, maybe not--she'd just hire Avakian and give them $10K to do it for her)

Anonymous said...

If it weren't so true it would by HYSTERICAL!

OK, it was HYSTERICAL. Who am I kidding?

Anonymous said...

I picked up the local freebie paper with news of Powell/Olentangy. Against my better judgment I read the junk about the people running for O. School Board. There's no point in voting. Just more of the same. Just people who work in govt. or quasi-govt. or as drones in the business world. Such a litany of tired cliches. One could play B.S. Bingo based on the phrases quoted in the article.

Anonymous said...

Two candidates have specific issues/goals, and don't just flip the same cliched hash like the rest, ie. "continue the excellence". What a joke.

Two have the guts to actually question our high, long-standing remediation rates, and say "enough is enough".

Anonymous said...


Do some research before you play mr/ms might actually learn something about each candidate. There are actually 3 who get it..and won't give you a line of BS.

There is a point in can either ignore the issues and let the incumbent raise your taxes again for the 4th time in 7 years....or you can bet on two candidates who offer solid ideas and have no interest in reaching into your pocket.

Finally....this has nothing to do with the original post....please keep on topic in the future!

Anonymous said...

11:57 (Apathetic Non-Voter)

Excellent research! Your hard work in picking up that local free paper and actually flipping through it quickly, only to draw the conclusion that you shouldn't vote is admirable. Three minutes of research and you've made up your mind. IMPRESSIVE!!!

Are you the Sheople President or just a member?


Anonymous said...

I say all need to get out and vote. Yes I need to study the candidates more, but certainly when one has courage to write the editor of the Gazette and ready to find the truth. I say lets get involved. I have plenty of information both from the standpoint of the district in their treatment of my special needs son and as to myself, as a former transportation driver. Anyone who would like to see the files or hear the story, please contact me. My child is not the only one either.

Also one should be concerned when the Board allows verbal addendums on the nights of Board meetings. I thought everything had to be in writing prior or written addedum. Seems anything can be changed with a few choice words, VERBAL ADDENDUM.

Joy Piper

Anonymous said...


Research and you will find the truth. It is not hard to find. Look around the hood and see that King and Feasel are joined at the hip (replacemnt).

It sounds like the current board ignored you. So Feasel ignored you (no surprise.) Your choices are down to four.