Thursday, October 29, 2009

Politicians are all the same

After returning from exercising outside, I happened upon Val Scheibeck's campaign flyer. Scheibeck (running for Orange Township trustee) is going to reduce wasteful spending by ... get this ... adding more wasteful spending. Only this time the spending will directly benefit Scheibeck and her friends.

If I want to run, ride, or skate, I head out my front door. If I want to workout with weights, etc., I head downstairs. In both instances, I pay for all my exercise costs. I do not ask my neighbor to contribute to the cost of my workout, and he doesn't ask for me to contribute to his. That's only fair.

Scheibeck has a similar goal in that she wants to workout in her local area. The difference is this: she wants us all to pay a portion of her costs. According to Scheibeck (from her flyer):

I envision a community where we do not need to go to neighboring communities to take classes, work out or watch fireworks.
That holds true today -- as I just noted. But Scheibeck wants more, and she wants us all to pay for it.

Wouldn't life be better if Scheibeck paid for her workouts, just like I pay for mine. That way, we all keep our own money to spend as WE see fit. Not as Scheibeck and her ilk see fit.

Note: The same holds for classes and fireworks. In fact, my neighbors have better fireworks displays than most townships.

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