Thursday, October 01, 2009

Here they go again!

While those of us in the private sector confront the realities of scarcity, the district continues to spend like there is no tomorrow.

Read these expenses and then read the funding cries emanating from the administrative offices. Could it be that the post-retreat happy hour is affecting judgements?

District check registers (from a reader):

  • 88607 Lakes, Golf & CC DUESC-Admin Retreat 08/31/09 $ 5,367.65
  • 88607 Lakes, Golf & CC DUESC-Admin Retreat 08/31/09 $ 2,727.65
  • 88689 Avakian Consulting Superintendent outreach 08/31/09 $ 10,000.00

And, by the way, every check to Avakian and similar ilk is all for PR (just neighbor helping neighbor -- literally -- for the good of district propaganda).

Note: OFK, you all worked so hard this ... and it's all for the kids.


Anonymous said...

It's all for the kids!

(Hmmm...wait a second...$8K for a golf course outing for administrators...$10K to thugs who give the administration ideas on how to extort more and more money from the public to fund wasteful things like golf outings...)

It's all for the Administration!

Archana Springer should rename her group "Olentangy for Administrators".

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is not a private company? They are acting like it.