Sunday, October 04, 2009

There ain't no third way

Dear Editor:

My parents recently returned from a trip that included a stop in Moscow. While there, as good tourists, they visited Lenin's tomb and reported back that more than a few Russians still worship Lenin and his vision of a worker's paradise.

It might seem odd that folks still desire the totalitarian state.Yet, according to the view of Greg Wourms ("Big government is necessary to keep big business in check," Dispatch, Sept. 19, 2009), we should all want for the warmth of big government -- the bigger, the better, of course.

Either you advocate for liberty -- a founding principle of this nation, or you advocate for the totalitarian state.

As economist Ludwig von Mises long ago noted, there is no such thing as the third way. Society either moves toward liberty or it moves toward complete state control -- there is no mythical resting point in the middle ground.

Wourms may fear liberty so much that he is willing to accept state control. But such a notion turns this nation on its head.

A nation born in liberty wanting the king's return. Where is Jefferson when you need him?


Jim Fedako

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