Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Delaware County Commissioners to Raise Taxes

According to the Delaware Gazette:

"The commissioners still have to make up a projected $2.4 million deficit next year, although that number assumes the commissioners vote to reduce the county’s property tax “rollback” from 1.8 mills to 1 mill, a move Cannon recommended.

“We’re at the point where we simply don’t have any other choice right now,” he said.

If that were to happen property owners would owe an additional $24 per $100,000 of home value on their tax bills next year."

Cannon wants your money ... no kidding. And your commissioners will willingly hand it over to him.

Who do the commissioners represent? Cannon and the rest of the county employees? Or the taxpayers? The question is rhetorical of course, and the county employees know the answer by heart.

Again, according to the Gazette:

The move would be a reversal of policy from the previous board of commissioners. Last October, former commissioners Jim Ward and Kris Jordan voted to increase the rollback by 0.2 mills, effectively reducing taxes.
Hanks, then county auditor, criticized the move at the time as “irresponsible” and “crippling” to the county’s budget.

Am I shocked? Nope. Last year, Hanks tried his very best to not reduce county property values (reducing property values would have kept those value in line with the declining housing market in the county) during the reappraisal update. Why? Hanks wanted keep more money in government coffers -- your money.

Hanks is over his head .. and out of his mind.

Folks, keep in mind that this board is made up of three Republicans. So much for the GOP being the party of low taxes and small government.

There is but a dime's difference between the two major parties -- and it's my dime every time.


Anonymous said...

why raise taxes just have sponsered beer fest and take it one level up condone illegal drug consumption for a day.

Anonymous said...

What is the concern. After all property taxes etc. can be paid by charge cards. I say max them out and file bankrupty. lol

Anonymous said...

Now I wish we would have spent the $3M on the sewage plant study that would have returned $100M.

Ok ok... just kidding.

Anonymous said...

I guess it wouldn't be an issue if they could just take the money from the engineer. He does have a thirty-five million dollar carry over with no constraints.
And it would be a great deal for all of you anti-Sawmill Parkway folk.