Friday, July 31, 2009

Indoctrination in Public Schools: a personal memory

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Indoctrination in Public Schools: a personal memory

Jim Fedako

schoolprop.jpgMy parents recently visited and left some relics of my youth. One look at this drawing sent my mind back in time.

Almost 40 years ago, it wasn't enough for government to tell me about the evils of smoking, they also coerced me into sharing private family information -- that my father smoked -- in order to serve the agenda of the state.

Mind you, my father knew the dangers of smoking. Everyone did (and does). Nevertheless, after a hard day of work, my father had to face me -- his smirking, deputized son -- and my silly artwork and misspelled message.

At some time in our past, the state succeeded in elevating its education above all other institutions -- the family included. By doing so, the state created the situation where it alone could indoctrinate the youth, and parents wouldn't even raise a concern.

Yesterday it was smoking. Today it's the environment. Tomorrow, who knows.

Whoever controls the minds of the youth controls the future.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know your dad had a foot for a nose--LOL. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor told me how his son's teacher assigned a book to the class that discussed China's compulsory "family planning" scheme--which includes forced abortion. My neighbor found this out through the course of his daily inquiry to his son about his day: What he did, what he learned in school, etc. He said he was pretty upset at first, but rationalized it with, "but I read through the passages that discussed this and it wasn't really that bad". So, he fount it unacceptable that this subject was introduced to his son by his teacher, but not so much after confirming that the concept of forced abortion that was imposed on his son was "accpeptable" after reading the text for himself.
It was clear to me that he, upon reading this himself, lost the stones to confront his teacher and instead rationalized the teaching of this to his son. How can the teaching of forced abortion--just the concept, which was what my neighbor was upset about--be acceptable to sixth graders?

Anonymous said...

and how many tax dollars are spent to treat your father's emphysema not to mention other health issues that he may have as well? Hopefully he quit smoking and there is very little $ spent - if he did quit, you not only did him but the taxpayer a favor. If he did not.. hopefully he still will. Big Tobacco has been controlling government all along and now they are getting wise. Would you give your kids cigarettes because it is legal? I would hope not. Bad analogy as health is nothing to mess with. Many children end up saving their parents lives by baggering them about the evils of substance abuse. Another fact: over $ 4.5 billion is spent on tobacco- related illnesses in Ohio every year-- talk about spending your money....