Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tommy Thompson plays the terrorist card

You just have to love the likes of Thompson. He wants a new tax, so he plays the terrorist card.

According to The Delaware Gazette, "Commissioner Tommy Thompson said the likelihood for terrorist attacks has risen since the events of 9/11."

Wait. Hasn't Homeland Security and the endless war provided security? Hmmm. Where have those trillions gone? Whose pocket got fatter at our expense. I digress.

Thompson wants a new tax -- he's a Republican who likes government, big government. And the rest of the county elected Republicans are falling in line.

Again, according to the Gazette, "Berlin Township Trustee Phil Panzarella said the nearly 3 million annual visitors to the Alum Creek State Park wouldn’t receive reverse 911 calls the county currently uses to warn residents."

I've been to the park and have never seen those 3 million on any given day. Talk about aggregation for effect.1

The lone voice of Earl Long speaks reason in the county. Of course, he is not one of the elected elite.

Thompson should confine his efforts to reviewing ditches. We'd all be better off.


1. Consider that I visit the park 50 or more times per year, always packing my cell phone. Add in my family and you quickly see how an annual number is for effect only.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if we invested those millions in the Thompson/Hanks bioreactive landfill--one that would have had to be thousands of acres to in order to generate the amount of methane necessary to yield $100MM in annual revenue--enough residents would move out of the Crap Capital of Ohio so that it wouldn't be so attractive to terrorists. Then again, the stink alone would might have been an effective enough deterrent.

Anonymous said...

Warn us of what?

Dare think back to the days of horse and buggy when one would go without "warning" for days on end. Oh the terror!!!

These people are so full of themselves it's frightening. Do they really think they must notify everyone of everything immediately? Who's asked for that service and who's paying for it? Perhaps the government should issue sat radios to every citizen for the sole purpose of ensuring the ability to notify the masses instantly of something that warrants warning us about.

Anonymous said...

I'm 9:44.... I forgot add "Sarcasm Font" to my Sat Radio recommendation.

Congressmen and Congresswomen,

Do NOT take my recommendation as something I support. You have enough of my money and I have enough of your "services" already.

Anonymous said...

But you neglect to mention that all three of the commissioners are in favor off the siren system. You also neglect to mention that all three of the commissioners want the issue on the ballot, so the people can decide. And O'Brien is the one pushing for the most expensive system. Maybe he is getting campaign fund from them.

Jim Fedako said...

Point taken. Thanks.