Sunday, July 12, 2009

Arguing your way to an appointment

One minute Charlotte Joseph is defending the majority of Delaware's county commissioners, the next she is being appointed to the county’s port authority. Just dumb luck, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

...and I'm sure we'll begin seeing even MORE positive coverage of the commishes at DelCoPolReporter...

Charlotte Joseph said...

Dear Mr. Fedako.
I am so happy to have come into your spotlight of truth, justice and comment. The appointment was made months ago. It was based on my qualifications as presented on an application I made to represent the citizens of this county on the Port Authority. Others applied, as well. I would, and did, put my credentials up against most in this county in the area of economic development.

It must be a pleasure to be you - and only sit back and take potshots at people who have the courage to attempt and to do - when you have only to comment. I would suggest to you, Mr. Fedako, that disdaining the government is the easy way out. Putting yourself out there for the likes of you to judge is the more difficult rod.

Jim Fedako said...

Charlotte --

So you are the true selfless public servant.

Question: Whose agenda are you serving?

Hint: It's not mine.

Anonymous said...

Qualifications being equal, I'm sure a candidate with the name of "Joseph Charlotte" had no chance against the candidate Charlotte Joseph. Yes, her application was perhaps one among many, but it was seen as exceptional, and--knowing the thieves on the board of commishes--probably for reasons other than ability.

Attack Fedako all you want, but he's never tried to pull the wool over my eyes or pick my pocket, unlike the sleazy company you keep.

Anonymous said...

Well the previous board hated her; valid or not. But the person in charge of the applications and appointment process said on record the she was the most qualified person who applied.
And she has actually done good since her appointment. She brought to lite processes, procedures, and filings that needed to be followed by statute that the port authority was unaware even existed. The previous authority board guys were just in it to profit.

Wes B. made sure that website profits went to Andrew brush. When many people on the board could have assembled the low tech website.

Love her or hate her, she was the most qualified applicant and she has already brought positive actions to the board.

Jim Fedako said...

Again, just like Hanks and Thompson, she is just looking out for the taxpayer.