Friday, July 17, 2009

Delaware County: hiding from the sunshine

Seems the folks in Delaware County are hiding something (something big?).

Debi Henthorn wants to get to the bottom of the mess -- literally. So she made a public records request and was met by a brick wall.

Folks, keep in mind that Lisa Iannotta is paid by the the public. But it appears that she is working for the machine.

Ask yourself this question: What do Hanks and Thompson have to hide? Why does the sunshine scare them so?

According to Debi:

Dave Cannon called me Friday July 10, 2009 in regard to my June 18th, records request. I had a 2 o'clock appointment to view those 500+ records today and ended up in a room with Kyle Rohrer, Lisa Iannotta both attorneys and Dave Canon. I was not permitted to view them. I was told Todd Hanks and Tommy Thompson have no records. I asked about the phone calls address in Hanks and Comstocks ( 9 emails) I was told Tommy made and received those calls at home and there are no records. Ken O'Brien is the only one of the commissioner that maintains files and he's been left out of the loop. I asked O'Brien if he had seen Todd's and Gus's emails, he had Not seen any of them. Things in Delaware County Government are very strange and smells really

The response from the machine is below. Another example of your Delaware County tax dollars at work -- at work against you, that is.

From: "Iannotta, Lisa"
Date: July
9, 2009 5:33:47 PM EDT
To: [Debi Henthorn]
Cc: "Cannon, Dave" , "Rohrer, Kyle"
Subject: Emails

Ms. Henthorn,

Mr. Cannon has indicated that you are requesting emails be sent to you now that are
responsive to your records request. Per my last email to you, I am working off of your June 25 request since it is more specific and geared toward ST ege.

Please be advised that some of these I have hard copies of and will scan and send; the others, as I mentioned on the phone, number less than 10. I will forward those to you this evening.

Those are the only ones I have at this time. I received two large files late yesterday, approximately 500 pages, that are still undergoing a review, including a legal review, to determine if they are responsive to your request and can be released. As soon as that review is complete, I will let you know.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,
Lisa Iannotta
Director of
Administrative Services


Anonymous said...

So, those two TOOLS--Hanks and Thompson, of course--were going to approve a $3MM contract...and there are no records--of anything??? No business case? (that's right--$100MM a year and 3,000 jobs because ST eGe said so); No cost/benefit or feasibility analyses (that's right--the county engineer and sewage director were not involved).
Those two clowns should be prosecuted.

And where is Yost in all of this?

Man of the People? Candidate for Ohio AG? DelCo GOP Hack?

His sign off on the contract will haunt him. If he had reservations about it he should have shared them with the board before signing off on it. Only when the 6/22 meeting began to go south did Yost speak up.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the cost is to us all for people to pore over those records, pondering, deciding if those records are"responsive" to requests to view them? Lots of effort is being made to make sure the public is kept away from things, seems to me.

Anonymous said...

At first I was impressed with your passion for issues in the county. But you are just smart enough to articulate on topics that you have no depth in.
You have no idea what kind of man Thompson is. Talk to the people he worked with at Buckeye Valley Local Schools, on the Board of Zoning Appeals, and Delaware City Council. You would see why he beat Jim Ward in the primary and why he won overwhelmingly in the general election. He won because a lot of people know what kind of man he is. These people know Tommy and know that he is truly serving the people of Delaware County.
Maybe you should call him yourself and see what kind of man he is.

Jim Fedako said...

Of course, Thompson is the selfless commissioner serving the interest of ???

I've seen enough of Thompson's moves on video to know he is serving someone's agenda ... and it's not the agenda of the taxpayer.