Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A proposal from the American Family Roundtable

The American Family Roundtable is an Ohio-based organization that is terrified of socialized medicine -- and with good reason. AFR recently created Move Out Congress in order to send the bozos in Washington -- on both sides of the aisle -- back home.

I agree with AFR. We are being led down the
road to serfdom by those elected to protect our property FROM government.

Pink Slip Congress - Today

It's time for them to come home. They spend money we don't have. They pass bills without reading them. They watch as thousands of innocent people are thrown out of work for no just cause and businesses are destroyed. They are conspiring to take over your healthcare and strip you of your choices. They have abandoned the principles of the Declaration and Constitution and cast aside the rule of law.

So why should they claim to be representing you?

We are sending every member their Termination Notice. It's time to let them know we are finished. It's time for them to come home. You can
download this pdf file, print it and send copies to the local district office of your Representative and Senator.

copy and paste the pink slip text into an email and send it to the DC offices of your Representative and Senators. You can find their contact information here on this site.Or you can call the Congressional Switchboard at 202.224.3121 and ask for your House Member and Senators. Ask each office for an email address and fax number for your Members.

So you send hard copies to the local district offices and email copies to Washington D.C. Hold onto this contact information for future emails, faxes and mailings you will want to send in the coming
months ahead.

Contact information for your members of Congress is right here.

Then call the local office and the DC office and ask them if they got their
Termination Notice. If not, ask them for their fax number and send them another copy. They'll get the message.

More Messages to Congress

We will be sending more messages to Congress in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for downloads on how to send more important information like: Moving Companies they should contact, Resume Services, Move-out checklists, etc.

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