Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Item Missing from Ohio's Evidence-Based School Funding Model

Ohio's new evidence-based funding model builds on costs associated with certain positions and expenses that a supposedly effective district requires and incurs.

The state threw in almost everthing, but they missed one key district expense. What did they miss? The dubious and expensive consultant -- think Avakian Consulting and Fallon Research. Seems just about every local district is using these firms to do something for ... well ... for the kids, of course.

How could the state miss such an obvious expense? Maybe they missed the expense since the payments are funnelled through organizations such as the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio. Could it be that keeping the expense from taxpayers also keeps it from so-called experts of evidenced-based funding.

Whatever those firms do -- no one is quite certain what that is -- is essential to the mission of every school district: providing tax dollars to district staff, friends and associates.

Friends helping friends in trying times.

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