Friday, July 17, 2009

Olentangy Administrators: Taking Care of Themselves

The Olentangy district administrators are really looking out for themselves in this economic downturn. While the masses are happy to even have a job, the district elite asked for a 2.8% raise -- all for the kids, you know.

The sycophantic board majority approved. Why not? It's just family helping family in trying times.

In other district news, the transportation department is spending federal funds (our tax dollars, once again) to study why some elementary students do not ride bikes or walk to school.

Hmmm. Save the tax dollars and ask a few parents to find the reason (hint: It's because parents want to drive their young children to school.).

And the district takes pride in spending money on such nonsense. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of government waste and useless, make-work jobs get a load of this. I know that I risk giving Wade-O an idea for adding more useless headcount to the payroll, but this is priceless.

Anonymous said... salary just got cut by is that fair?

Jim Fedako said...

12:59 --

You must not work "for the kids."

Anonymous said...


It's about keeping quality people. We'd hate to lose those expert employee resources who destroyed the Shanahan Middle School library in order to build themselves more office space (wasting $250K in the process due to what Jennie Hooie called a "communications snafu among the district officials.")

I'm sure we'll spend $500K or more to fix the issue by building a new library at SMS and no one will ever be held accountable. But isn't that the way the public system rolls?

Anonymous said...

More selfless public servants--just like our dear OLSD administrators!

Anonymous said...

Only one board member - SMITH - voted against the raises.

Anonymous said...


I hope your car allowance, cell phone, tax-sheltered annuity, mileage reimbursement, travel and meal costs, and tuition reimbursement are still intact.

Anonymous said... forgot the 11% board (er--taxpayer)-paid retirement.

Anonymous said...

.....don't forget 1.45% pick, up of medicare share and pick up on all the pick ups!

Anonymous said...

Yeah but pick up on the pick up is being done everywhere to keep good people. Trust them, they did a study on it.

Anonymous said...

Yes . . trust the study done by the people that are getting the benefits to show that they need the benefits. Makes perfect sense and 100% conclusive. Yes Sir E Bob