Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Understanding Liberty: a voice without ethics

The folks over at The Liberty Voice adhere to a mutated strain of liberty, a strain of liberty that is anything but. Consider this:

On September 29th, the League of Women Voters, The Delaware Gazette, and the Farm Bureau sponsored a candidate's forum. Such an event is by definition private. Sure the event was held at a government school and the public was invited, but the sponsors are private entities. Despite this, The Liberty Voice claims its First Amendment rights were violated. Violated?! By a group of private entities? Hmmm.

Our Constitution was written to circumscribe the powers of government. The Constitution is based on natural -- or negative -- rights. Given that the right to property is a gift from God, negative rights protect private property from aggression by others. For this very reason, our Constitution is based on negative rights, protecting private property from aggression by government.

Contrast negative rights with positive rights. Positive rights are pseudo rights that lay claim to the property of someone else. For example, many folks believe that they -- through the action of government -- have a right to your income, property, etc. These folks believe that they can (inter alia) tax your income and regulate the use of your property.

Positive rights lead to the evils that are slowly robbing this once-great nation of its future.

The Liberty Voice tries to hide behind the freedom of the press. But there is no freedom that provides The Liberty Voice with the right to invade a private event; even as a reporter with pen and camera in hand.

True rights are grounded in the ethics of private property, they are not fashioned to fit the moment. Liberty is a precious gift that must be defended, even against those who use liberty as their calling card.


Anonymous said...

I read the article in The Liberty Voice. The thing that most concerns me is that the reporter implies that she is in favor of government (taxpayer) supplied health care. If she is not, I wish she would make that clear. You can't be for freedom for people and yet want to use the government to steal their money and their freedom. I fear some of these "patriot" types are inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to, and was planning on going to the debate in Delaware, but like lots of other voters, was unable to attend.

Pity a full transcript or video feed is not available on the web.

-Anything that provideds voters with additional information, beyond the scripted non-sense is, in my book, a good thing.

Anonymous said...

This is probably not the ideal place/topic to insert my comment but...while reading an article in a local paper this morning, the subject being what night will local communities have Trick or Treating, I was appalled to learn that The Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission has (since 1994, evidently) been advising local government bodies/towns about when they should have Trick or Treat night. I never dreamed that those decisions were coming from a bureaucracy of unelected, megalomaniacal dictators at MORPC. It's not bad enough that the idiots who are elected run our lives. We have to have appointed boards lord it over us also.