Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Politics: one Christian to another


You're splitting the Solomon baby, politically speaking. "Actually, I am deeply disappointed in our choices for President this year." So why a vote for McCain?

Put your faith in God and vote for a godly man. If you believe that none exists, do not vote at all.

Do you believe that God will ignore your cry? Do you believe that God wants us to rally behind the lesser of two evils? I don't. And you would be hard-pressed to use God's words to show otherwise.

I hold out little hope for this country (we are a country, not a nation) as long as we live on debt. A good man provides for his grandchildren (Proverbs 13:22), yet this country is leaving our posterity nothing but debt and ruin. Sadly, many Christians -- just like the Israelites before us -- have taken a lead in the demand for greater debt, for greater sin.

"Thy silver is become dross" (Isaiah 1:22) is one of God's indictments of the Judeans. Isaiah delivered the message, and God then turned his back. McCain and Obama, as Bush before them, will continue the destruction of our currency. In essence, we exchange goods for paper lies. Do you believe God will reward us for that?

Look, we've known this for years, we knew this time was coming. Yet we blindly continued our worship of the government of the US. We have allowed -- and encouraged -- a truly sinful state of affairs. We ignored history and our Bible. A vote for McCain is a vote for the status quo.

By the way, I fear fascism the same as socialism -- they are twins of the same evil.

In this election, Baldwin is the godly man (though I struggle with voting at all). Reconsider your choice. Have faith.

Jim Fedako

Note: Regarding socialism -- some key passages are:

1. Mathew 13:44 -- You own that which is yours. The just price is the price paid, not the assumed value to the buyer or owner after the trade.

2. Mathew 20:1-13 -- The fair wage is the wage settled between laborer and entrepreneur, it is not based on the amount of work or sweat. Again, the wage is not to be changed handshake.

3. Exodus 20:17 -- Envy (covetousness) is a sin.

4. Mathew 25:14 - 30 -- Interest and profit are the expected return from a business investment. Of course, usury, the expectation of any return from benevolence, is ungodly.

5. Then there are the passages in Titus which instruct us on how we as Christians should take care of our own. But the instructions in Titus are for Christians -- they are our spiritual direction. The instructions are not codified law that forces all to act in the prescribed manner. Remember, we work out our own individual salvation with fear and trembling.


Eric H said...

A friend of mine, who is a political science major turned ministry major, has started a set of posts on why he is not voting.

Just thought some might find his thoughts interesting. It's supposed to be a 4-part series and currently there are 2 posts.


Jim Fedako said...


Thanks for the link!

Eric H said...

Minor correction: he is studying Biblical Literature & Theology.