Thursday, October 09, 2008

Benefits of Government: big and small

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Benefits of Government: big and small

Even as government races to fix the financial crisis, it still makes time for the more mundane tasks that serve its constituents. To that end, my township trustees recently approved October 31 as Beggar's Night. So while I struggle to explain the credit crunch to my younger children, I can send them off to dream of costumes and candy, all thanks to government.

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Anonymous said...

Surely they had help in making their decision. I was told that the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) advises local communities in their choice of Trick or Treat night. I was told by an employee of MORPC that it's been happening for years. And since MORPC is just one of the thousands of quasi-government entities that network with United Nations policies and the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT MANDATE then your local elected doofuses are really just doing the bidding of unelected manipulators behind the scenes.