Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Since we're on the road, might as well read the map

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Anonymous said...

If you believe that this is where we are headed, it seems that you ought to be encouraging a revolution against the federal government. Am I wrong? If not, you are just fiddling while Rome burns. I don't happen to agree with you on where we are headed, but I may be wrong.

If I did agree with you, I would hope I would be calling for some action at the national level rather than wasting my time fiddling around with the alleged malfeasance of the local school board.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Marc Tucker "Dear Hillary" letter that Tucker wrote at the beginning of the Clinton regime explains that the "planning" had already begun way back then and that was 16 years ago. Think about where you were 16 years ago. But even before that, Bush the Elder with the help of Finn and Bennett and others had initiated the "planning" with America 2000. And before that there were the agreements between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. to share/merge "education" plans. The "planning" has been worked on through many administrations. Whether the crashed economy was planned also or just happened, the overall "plan" has already been in effect.

Anonymous said...

I should have included a link to "the Dear Hillary Letter"

mother of olentangy kid said...

12:48 Anon

Let's just roll over and play dead with the School district. Do you check over your American Express bill or phone bill or any other bills you might recieve? Someone has to cross the t's and dot the i's. Why is that when someone might question an expense it is "fiddling around". Before long Olentangy is going to be in the front page of the Columbus Dispatch with a deficit of $368 million!! Oh yeah that's right McFearson would not have that since he is tight with the Wolf family.

Anonymous said...

PLANS? The Patriot Act was already waiting in the wings, before 9/11. There are always PLANS.

Anonymous said...

To 8:49

Sorry that I wasn't clearer in my original comment. I think local vigilance is very important. However, if you accept Mr. Fedako's premise that we're either "on the road" to fascism or on the doorstep of it, then focusing so much attention on comparatively small issues at the local level is a bit of a side show.

If you believe that fascism is on the rise in this country, it seems that this blog would be suggesting a course of action to stop it rather than just stating that it exists. Many people and groups think there needs to be a revolution in the US to stop the fascist regime. I don't know what this blog advocates as a response to the perceived rise of fascism...just asking the question.

Quite frankly, if the premise posted is accurate, it won't matter if your American Express bill is correct, your phone bill is accurate or what Mr. McFerson or Mr. Wolfe do. I don't agree with the premise, but if I did, that is where I'd be focusing my attention.

Anonymous said...

I think mother got a bit caught up in the other posts and may have desired to post there!

But she does make a point about how it starts locally and how those who speak out are suppressed by those who have influence with people who buy ink by the barrel.

Socialist movements don't start at the national level....they begin by indoctrinating the uninformed and unquestioning!

Jim Fedako said...

I suggest you read my columns over at (most trafficked non-university educational institution) and (the best-read libertarian website in the world).

I'd wear a sandwich board on High Street, but I don't think that would have the impact I desire.

In a time gone by, socialist movements began in both the cafes and the government classrooms. Today it's the schools of education, teachers unions, and the government classrooms.

Anonymous said...

I read a book a few years ago that was an expose of the government "education" system, the government tests such as the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress), and the restructuring of government schools into tech-prep Marxist indoctrination centers. In that book I read about a situation in which a teacher read to her students the story of The Little Red Hen. At the end of the story she asked her students why The Little Red Hen was so selfish. The story's meaning had been changed from teaching that each of us must work for our daily bread to teaching that those who produce must offer what they have worked for to those who do not work.
In England the Fabian Socialists realized that they had to work incrementally to bring about Socialism/Marxism. America has had a revolution without bloodshed (so far). Nikita Khrushchev was correct. For the many, many Americans who won't even know who he was, the late leader of the USSR told us he and the commies would bury us.