Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama and the Thermidor

These gentlemen have, it seems, completely forgotten that socialism was to remove the cause which impels women to abortion, and not force her into the "joys of motherhood" with the help of a foul police interference in what is to every woman the most intimate sphere of life.

Obama's latest TV ad? Close, it's Trotsky writing in "Thermidor in the Family" from The Revolution Betrayed (

The Thermidorian Reaction was the period in the French Revolution that signaled the end of the Reign of Terror. To Trotsky, the Thermidor represents the end of a revolution, with society turning toward its pre-revolutionary state. For Trotsky that meant the return of the family and the end of the social collective.

No longer were the workers looking to the institutions of the socialist state for their intimate needs. Instead, they were returning to their homes and family. Trotsky saw this counter movement as a betrayal of the revolution, blaming Stalin's bourgeoisie bureaucracy.

The Obama revolution will be another step toward the social state and away from the family. Obama channels Trotsky in all of his stump speeches and platform policies, including his views on life. His latest commercial (appearing during ABC's 20/20) was a direct paraphrase of the Trotsky passage above.

Sadly, McCain wants to lead this nation to fascism. So, either the state owns the means of production (Obama) or allows nominal private ownership with effective control (McCain). What a choice?

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