Friday, October 24, 2008

The Olentangy AD gets his number wrong

On purpose? Or does he have no understanding of cost?

As reported in The Olentangy Oracle from this week's Olentangy Valley News, according to Olentangy Athletic Director Jay Wolfe, football at Olentangy High School only costs the district (and taxpayers, of course) $17,000 per year. Really?!?

Consider this: In 2006, the district administration commissioned a study of operating expenses. The State Standards Analysis report shows costs associated with most district activities. The cost for football at OHS in FY06: $79,010 (that figure is now three years old).

That figure only includes operating expense directly aligned with the football program at the school. It does not include indirect costs such as a portion of Wolfe's salary, etc. Nor does it include the maintenance, capital, and interest costs associated with the stadium and other facilities. It also does not include ancillary costs such as weightlifting, etc.

I know, I know, there he goes again with the little stuff. But I ask: Can't they ever get their numbers right? Do they have any idea on what drives expenditures and my tax rate? Do they even care?

And if they can't understand the small stuff, what makes anyone think they can understand the big stuff?

No need to answer, those are all rhetorical questions.


Anonymous said...

Jim--of course his numbers are off. It's not easy to use a calculator and iPod at the same time while eating Bravo from a canoe.

Anonymous said...

While we're sweating the small stuff...Don't forget the gate helpers that get paid between $10 and $50 for football, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, etc! What happen to volunteers???????