Friday, October 10, 2008

Suing Olentangy Schools: levies, consultants, and public records (part 1)

Why would someone sue their school district? For public records of course. But why would a school district take three weeks to respond to a simple request for public records? Yes, why? Something to hide? Likely. But what? Stay tuned.

note: Now, should the district fulfill its legal obligation, I save myself a trip to the courthouse. The clock is ticking.


Anonymous said...

If I may post this here: Gene Harris, Columbus school district supt. wants more money for schools for the usual tired reasons as I read in the Dispatch this morning. At the end of the article came this paragraph:
In last year's address, Harris proposed creating a local version of the Harlem Children's Zone in New York City, a one-stop shop of educational and social services for economically disadvantaged families. She said she visited the center but won't be building one in Columbus. Instead, she wants to strengthen existing community partnerships.
That "one-stop shop" is exactly what I read about years ago in exposes about what our Socialist government had planned for the future of "education" in America. It's what people like Shirley McCune of NCREL said would be the case. It was spelled out in the Tucker letter to Hillary Clinton. That fraud, Gene Harris, makes a speech in which she pretends she has come up with plans when all she is doing is repeating what the Outcome Based Ed. perps. had put in place years ago.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I should have written MCREL. Or McREL, for:
McCune was the Senior Director of Mid Continental Regional Educational Laboratory (McRel) — one of ten regional laboratories under contract to the U.S. Department of Education. At this time—1989—McCune's resume included work with the National Education Association (NEA), the U.S. Department of Education (DOE), the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), and the Kansas State Department of Education in developing strategic direction for Kansas schools in the Schools for the 21st Century program. She also owned a company called Learning Trends, based in Aurora, Colorado, and later in Washington, DC.
McCune has authored and co-authored books on education reform and related topics. In 1986, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), founded by the National Education Association (NEA), published a book written by McCune entitled Guide to Strategic Planning for Educators. The book is not intended for public consumption ...

This creative management process [strategic planning] is powered by the basic human drive to solve problems—to eliminate discrepancies between what is and what must be. (page v)

The synthesis of technology with educational tasks opens new possibilities for more humanistic schools and educational systems. (p 23)

Change must be manifested at the local level and must be wanted—people must view change as their own and feel that it will help them achieve the future they value and desire. (p 29)

Transformation is the process of shifting our basic assumptions and reorganizing our views of the world, our goals, and our behaviors. (p 32)

Strategic planning is a rational planning process, but it has strong psychological effects on an organization and the people involved in the process. (p 32)

If time is taken to involve affected and interested parties (stakeholders), the plan will become their plan, implementation will be accelerated, and the potential for future conflict and disagreement will be reduced. (p 37)

Information about their [stakeholders] perceptions and expectations must be gathered carefully. It should be collected after stakeholders have had some opportunity to understand the larger societal changes and the options open to schools. (p 45)

Providing people with data before asking for their opinions and ideas about what schools should do leads to different responses and outcomes. (p 59)

... as a representative sampling. This book was used as the textbook for a class in Strategic Planning at Drake University, Adult Education Graduate Degree Programs, Spring Semester, 1997.

In 1996, McCune co-authored the book The Light Shall Set You Free with Dr Norma Milanovich, both claiming to be channelers for the Ascended Masters. The book is definitely an inside look at the beautiful side of evil, giving an insightful look into the religion practiced by so many advocating transformation to systems governance.

The above is from Lynn Stuter's web site.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, the district didn't drop everything they were doing and rush to fill Jim's information request when he wanted it. It's got to be a conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:14
Would you, could you, define a conspiracy for us? Do you imagine that by using that word conspiracy you are distracting the rest of us from noticing the real issues presented at this site? I notice that whenever someone writes about real people doing real things that usurp rights or debauch children people like you ignore the facts, do not respond to those things. You can't respond to them of course. So you resort to attempting to distract. Only children and adults who think like children can be distracted by such things.

Anonymous said...

To 3:14, don't you think it is a little odd that it is taking the district 3 weeks to fill a request??? Come on now!!!

Oh yeah, they can't get much right to begin with...I can see why it would be difficult for the district to complete such a difficult task.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what information he asked for so I have no idea how long it should take. I also have no idea what other work they have in the office. Maybe they are too busy filling Ms. Smith's last minute requests for data. It's not like they have nothing else to do (contrary to Jim's beliefs) and that there is someone standing around waiting to jump to Jim's requests.

I've never had a problem getting information that I've asked for from the office. Maybe it is the way I ask.

Jim Fedako said...

10:08 --

Julie, You're back!

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate part in all of this is that because it is a school district "they do no wrong"! This is the school district that our children are getting there education, however, the school board and administration are acting like dictators and until they act like concerned citzens like the rest of us, they are guilty!

The school board acts like a bunch of elitists by suppressing opinions and talking down toward opposite ideas at board meetings and then get their friends to write email on there behalf!

Like I said before "come on".

Taypayer of # said...


Since you are so good at getting information...would you please ask the public records officer to provide documentation regarding the the purchase of a Mac Book laptop...(when the district has a Dell contract for 1/2 the price) and multiple Red Ipod Shuffles for a high ranking administrator...and what the educational purpose of such is for a desk jockey...and who specifically (if anybody)approved said purchase? A purchase order,authorization and receipt should do.

That's pretty simple...almost as easy as attaching a spreadsheet to an email don't you think?

Please post your answer so I don't have to burden the Public Records Officer/Treasurer with such a complicated request.

Anonymous said...

"Ihave no idea what information he asked for so I have no idea how long it should take. I also have no idea what other work they have in the office."

This just about sums you up. You don't have an idea but you go right ahead and speculate, building your argument on things you have no idea of. Basically, you have no ideas.

Anonymous said...

I went into the treasure office and ask for the financials and Ms. Jenkins ask me all kinds of questions, like "why did I want to see them", then she said that she would have a problem e-mailing them to me because the file was so big. I did get them.
Last week I ask to see Battell for kids contract I am still waiting for that. In my opinon I think Ms. Jenkins is very unorganzation and needs improvement.
Please come to the Oct 14,2008 at 6:00 pm board meeting to support Mrs.Smith. We need more board members like her.

Anonymous said...

Those who vote to tax their neighbors.
As I drive around and see all those signs in people's yards urging others to vote for higher taxes I assume those who placed the signs are feeling very smug about how civic-minded they are. I guess it never occurs to them that if their neighbors should have money problems and not be able to pay their taxes they will lose the roof over their heads and be living on the streets. Even if they manage to keep their houses they might have to do without enough food or other rather essential things. But in this economy THE STATE comes before anything else. So when you're voting to increase the tax burden on your neighbors and endangering their well-being don't feel so good about it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble Jim but I'm not Julie, I'm not a teacher or an administrator. I do not get paid by Olentangy in any way. I am a concerned parent disgusted with the constant misleading and sometimes outright wrong statements that you and your band of merry men continue to throw at our good district.

For anon 12:44 - I thought high school football was a waste of taxpayer money. What were you doing at the high school game to see Julie selling tickets? Were you freeloading off of the backs of your neighbors? Enjoying a bit of the forbidden fruit?

Jim Fedako said...

5:06 --

Hmmm. Which Julie was I refering to? Strange comment.

By the way ... Which mistatement have I written? Let me know and I'll retract as a post and not just a comment.

I'm wating ...

Anonymous said...

For anon 12:44 - I thought high school football was a waste of taxpayer money. What were you doing at the high school game to see Julie selling tickets? Were you freeloading off of the backs of your neighbors? Enjoying a bit of the forbidden fruit? 5:06 PM

I couldn't find what the above refers to the writer saying that those who have taxes taken by force from them and don't want to be taxed are therefore not entitled to use the facilities and programs that their money was stolen to finance? Is it possible that some people think that objecting to being taxed for something means you can't use what you were forced to pay for? All the more reason to use what your money was stolen to buy. I'd love to find a way to recover some of the 100s of 1000s of dollars that have been stolen from me.

Anonymous said...

The Julie that you are always referring to and attacking here. The board member Julie.

It doesn't work when you try to be cute.

Jim Fedako said...

8:33 --

"It doesn't work when you try to be cute."

What it does not work? My lawnmower? Can you please be more vague?

The real question is this: How do YOU know that was the Julie I referenced? Hmmm.