Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tiberi Flip-Flop: ouch, that's gotta hurt

Integrity and Tiberi mix like oil and water. And his word isn't even worth the buck he grossly deflated last week.

The Liberty Voice's Sherry Clark -- district, left-wing apologist -- got
the story right about Tiberi this time. But she is wrong in thinking that Robinson is the solution.

Since I don't look good in a ushanka, I don't want to live in Robinson's grand social experiment any more than I want to live in a world where Tiberi's goons can knock on my door at midnight.

I will say this in Robinson's defense: He hasn't lied to us yet (at least to my knowledge). He's a socialist, through and through. Of course Tiberi is a fascist, through and through. And a liar to boot.

Or, give him the boot and send Pat back home to earn a living like the rest of us. Now don't cry for Tiberi, he'll do fine living on his government retirement. The epitome of the selfless public servant.

On the stump, Tiberi kisses babies. Then, in Washington, he sends them the bill. Thanks to Pat, my children start their lives $35,000 in debt to (inter alia) the sovereign funds of foreign countries. Now China pulls our strings.

Thanks Pat.


ms said...

Your analysis would be correct but for the fact that government created the current financial crisis by mandating that financial institutions loan money without the usual evidence that someone could eventually repay. Since government broke it, government has at least some responsibility to fix it.

The SNL parody was dead-on accurate in placing the blame.

Jim Fedako said...

3:37 --

Isn't this the definition of insanity -- doing the same thing twice and expecting different results?

Have government solve an issue it created? Good luck.

Deregulate. Stop the FED. And let the market correct as only markets can do.

MS said...

The government uses its power to force me to grant loans to people who can't possibly pay them back. I do so or I go out of business. As a result, I have a ton of bad mortgages and my bank is now failing. Why is it inappropriate for the government to step in and solve the problem that government created. If we let the market correct, I would be forced out of business for following the mandate to make bad loans in the first place. What am I missing?

Jim Fedako said...


Who pays the government bill? You and me. Buying junk at a premium does not make that junk worth more on the market.

The cause was the FED's and Bush's inflation of the money supply.

Over these last few weeks, low interest rates and bailout funds will have increased the money supply as never before,

So the solution is the problem. An this is what you advocate? Hmmm.

Think outside your government box. You don't need government to nanny your whole life. Really. It's true. But you need to be independent instead if dependent. Give it a try.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from running errands. As I drove by the fire house on Hard Road I saw a very large banner urging people to vote for a specific issue.
How is that? We pay for the fire house, the trucks, and all the people who work there. And they have the nerve to tell us how to vote?
Secondly, I came up Glick Road, past the Walgreens at Dublin Road. The Shawnee Hills pig was running his speed trap while sitting in the Walgreen's lot. Sometimes he sits there, sometimes he sits across the street on another private lot. I called the manager of the Walgreens and asked why he permits the pig to run his speed trap from Walgreen's lot. He meekly replied that he has never asked the cop about it, that the property doesn't belong to him. I informed him that it infuriates me that the speed trap is run out of private property. He mumbled that he would ask the owner of the property about it. All who resent this sort of garbage need to complain to those who permit it.